A little website promotion experience

A little website promotion experience

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First of all, we must make clear why the value of his website, where

1, portal website

should be divided into two blocks: integrated portal and professional industry portal, this is the two extremes. There is only room for its development. In order to win more customers

2, personal website

such sites generally do not have a large space for development, the object of his service is very limited. He has his own purpose, to provide a convenient.

3, hobby websiteIn order to love their

now in the Internet era, the site has become a simple thing. The most difficult is how to do a web site with love, full of sound and colour, can get more users love every day. In order to create value

1, the planning department

2, technical department

3, the marketing department

a website no matter how well perfect, if not it will spread on promotion to increase traffic, so it can only be said to be the site, do it for yourself, it is only limited to personal value, and it can not create value, only the value of existing expenditure. How to promote, how to enhance the amount of access to their web site, and can attract the attention of customers, let him from today’s new customers into tomorrow’s old customers? To form a virtuous cycle, expanding from person to person. Combined with the author’s own experience, today from the internal factors and external factors to talk about the two aspects of the problem.

A, internal factors

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