Chinese click Wangzhuan money fast

Chinese click Wangzhuan money fast

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rich uncle Mao Wangzhuan ( has been committed to the research and promotion of Chinese click Wangzhuan, the beginner trustworthy good teachers and helpful friends. Because of the particularity of Chinese click Wangzhuan, basically belongs to toil live, and many times is a thankless, make friends do not receive money or very little income. How to improve the click Wangzhuan income, is a question worthy of thinking, rich uncle Mao now for many years Wangzhuan experience written for members reference, hope to have a help to the beginner.

1, new sites do. This is a commonly used slogan Chinese click Wangzhuan circle. Click on the new site in general Chinese open station has a certain preferential conditions, as early as possible to benefit. The new station opened in order to attract more members, the rapid development of members, generally from the registered award, click on the score, offline system, VIP membership system, payment is quite favourable conditions. Such as happy Wangzhuan, at the beginning of the station, it hits the score is 2 cents, a total of ten ads, 0.2 yuan payment, generally two days to collect the money. I stood at the beginning of the station to earn 19 yuan, and now the value of advertising is reduced, basically a click of a 0.2. There are some websites in the open at the beginning of the station to send cash register, which basically became a common practice Chinese click Wangzhuan station development off the assembly line, but the activities of the members are registered to send cash constraints, such as the top fifty or top one hundred registered members. So new sites to hurry to do, where to find new hair? Rich uncle Wangzhuan professional provide advice in this regard, interested friends can look at the money.

2, pay attention to the activities of Wangzhuan

. Some Wangzhuan station in order to attract members of the increasing traffic, will be held some activities, this activity provides certain conditions for making friends earn more money. Happy English, such as Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, earn 365, will release 100 Hakka Wangzhuan 5 Penny advertising value, usually on the website or exchange group announced the release time, this should grab a bit like Taobao’s "wonderful kill". Some sites will be released at some specific time to send some members of the VIP activities, the opportunity to become a free VIP members, your income will be greatly increased. Also pay attention to some of the major holidays, the general site will have activities.

3, to participate in the site’s prize. Now the main source of income Chinese click Wangzhuan station is registered to make money. The site will generally provide some easy to register the project, as long as you take a few minutes to complete the registration task, there will be a different value of the award. Such as happiness, around zero point one as long as the completion of the registration task in addition to Wangzhuan related awards, one yuan cash reward.

4, participate in the activities of the assembly line. This is uncle Mao’s main source of income. The number of referrals determines your income. The general website has the activity of pulling off the assembly line. Happy from the beginning of the opening of the site has been doing the activities of pulling the line, the top twenty reward of $10 to $0.5. E Wangzhuan activities bonus to pull off the assembly line is high, the first 500 yuan, the rich uncle Mao > pull off the assembly line in September in

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