2007 the owners can make money

2007 the owners can make money

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recent 07 years webmaster hard to earn the money the more, from the analysis of the current situation, seems reasonable, of course changmen do not despair, as long as the network still have money, space. In fact, a lot of people are advocating "content is king, the flow of the first", but I think, should add a, should be "content is king, profit first, flow second, why should I emphasize the importance of profit mode, the reason is that a kind of website, especially the entertainment station flow is generally high, but profit is a problem, the main reason is the way.

          big flicker Wang Tong said, "the network to make money is by selling products and selling services", although so far, he lied boasting countless, but this sentence, is justified, is about actual profit models, but more abstract point

          want to make money, do stand before you should think about the site’s profit model.

website profit model so far what?

first: membership profit model.

          in fact, the most successful web but also a XX station, because the station will have so many loyal members, members regularly to charge a membership fee, if the other site want to have a large number of loyal members must be content efforts, but also with Internet sharing the spirit of contradiction, such as you build a learning English data member fees, over a period of time, you search for free station similar content at the same time so do meet the eye everywhere, and we must think of a way to control the content of the loss of way is varied, but it is not anti anti gentleman villain, China some websites provide electronic magazine can be used for reference, there are some papers, movies, secretarial sites, do not rule out some Adsense shot for a place, the money was almost go. This kind of website should pay attention to is that if you can not do it quickly, it is easy to be copy, and finally will be defeated.

          second kinds: professional profit model.            

          the implementation of this model site has a professional, in a particular field to establish a good reputation. These mainly refers to those of CMS, BBS system providers, such as wind, PowerEasy, network, Empire and so on.

third: formal standard profit model.

          this site is dedicated to the establishment of

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