Women’s electricity supplier CakeStyle let designers pick clothes for you

Women’s electricity supplier CakeStyle let designers pick clothes for you

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women’s electricity supplier CakeStyle: let designers help you pick clothes

electricity supplier should be how to do a big price war, or rely on big brother online hype?

U.S. electricity supplier website CakeStyle only sell fashion women. It does not intend to compete with Amazon (micro-blog) and other giants price, but I hope to help you pick the latest fashion, the most appropriate clothing, won the favor of consumers.

CakeStyle model is: the company first by e-mail or telephone to the user to ask some information, including the current dress, like style, clothing size. Then, by fashion designers from the company’s inventory of seasonal costumes and accessories to the user, and even with a video to explain why these choices. Wait until the product delivery, users only need to choose their own love clothes, the rest can be returned intact, but only according to their own love clothing payment.

In addition to

, the user can also go to the store in Chicago and the designer personally meet.

CakeStyle was founded in August 2011. For people who often shop, the service is not attractive, but for those who do not like to go shopping or no time to go shopping for women, it is very attractive. As CakeStyle in the city of Chicago neighborhood, Trunk Club is a similar model to provide personalized service for men.

CakeStyle has just raised $1 million. The investment comes from Sandbox Industries’s Sandbox Advantage Fund. The company said it would use the money to enhance brand awareness, and to promote the service to more women in the United states.

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