Do Wangzhuan should master the necessary technology

Do Wangzhuan should master the necessary technology

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many people do not understand the industry Wangzhuan blindly to join the ranks, almost all follow the footsteps of others to go, this has led many people to become someone else’s free labor, even being any fish in the object, while they can not earn a penny. As a novice in Wangzhuan quickly create a heaven and earth is a very easy thing, this may be the first half of the year, one year, two years, or even longer, so we need to exercise at any time, first to learn knowledge, can be used in the following development, finally success. So, do Wangzhuan should grasp what technology is


first, the most basic typing should be faster, this is the most basic communication conditions

imagine, when we want to ask questions of others, you one word, a minute to call a few words, so people must answer your impatience, at least we want to speed up, make the problem clear. But don’t ask several questions in front of a senior neither painful nor itching, ask questions, also can reflect our wisdom.

second, will build their own blog, the necessary site code you still want to understand the

it is that we should know how to promote their own projects, the general is the need to make money online promotion, using available resources, to promote projects to play to the best effect, this is the premise of making money, if you do not build a blog, how to promote /p>? "

third, learn to use several techniques and methods to promote

this is the promotion must be mastered, a variety of promotional techniques and methods can make us do things half times.

fourth, the construction site and take formal Wangzhuan road

anyway, if you want good, their long-term development to make money online business, of course, so the construction site must be to learn, will only build a website, or not, we will learn about SEO optimization technology is the site, if the last one to do good, so you more than three some can not to do. Site is the need for a certain technology, there are a lot of information on the Internet, I hope you like to earn friends to learn.

well, in fact, a lot of people do Wangzhuan, but really can do only a few more successful, I hope you can become successful one. This article is: reprint please keep!

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