Taobao how to avoid competition easily earn commission

Taobao how to avoid competition easily earn commission

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We all know that Taobao

customers increasingly become large, many novice crowd around, because do not understand technology and experience no mess, at least Taobao PID customers do not know what is the novice, as can be imagined really difficult to quickly achieve profitability! So, now Taobao customer competition is so big. If there is no current market novice to do? The answer is: absolutely yes, why? The reason is Taobao’s massive commodity, every day do not know how many other people do not gush to discover profiteering goods! Habits and Baidu search words and user thesaurus every day constantly changing. According to the above 2 points is not difficult to see that Taobao customers now have a hint of living space! But there are some people just know that mountain tiger, undeterred! Well, back to the theme, three points below will introduce Taobao customers how to avoid fierce competition in the market:

, a Baidu index: for the site selection, key words, we should not be so stubborn, no words don’t do Baidu index. This is a rather unwise idea. In fact, even if the words do not index we can do the same, why? Why is this word in Baidu search, that is a problem that must be users to search the word! As long as the word is the intention of words, and the introduction of the profits of the traffic flow we have to dig out. After the test, the author built a single page station keyword is no index, but every day there will be 10 IP from the Baidu boss there, don’t look at this small 10 IP less, but the word is very precise, as long as you stand a single product is a month to earn profits 1000 is quite easy.

two, Baidu know: we all know that the weight of Baidu gives their own products is considerable, now a lot of Taobao – Baidu know the precise steering flow, so as to profit. So, do Baidu know need to pay attention to, first, do the long tail keywords, the most easy to clinch a deal, get ranking. Second, register multiple accounts, take turns to answer, adopt. Third, each answer to adopt the IP are different. Here is a simple talk about how to do Baidu know a few basic points, the specific is not introduced, if you can not understand and I can communicate with Baidu or Baidu do know some of the ways to promote".

three, with the intention to promote the word inverse profits products: we all last year, booming L-carnitine, takes it as an example of a single promotion! L-carnitine is more than and 100, the product can get some traffic, the words "how to reduce belly fat, how to remove a" search for these words are interested in weight loss customers, these words because no what people do, we can build a single page station L-carnitine and then use SEO can easily make up! Or you can use the "two" in the Baidu know get flow, but be sure to do the long tail word, because after the competition the key to sit it is easy for others to report, this is a waste of energy but also a waste of time.

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