4 billions of dollars APP business rule human supremacy focus extreme

4 billions of dollars APP business rule human supremacy focus extreme

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venture, two words, a horizontal vertical: wrong, fall; right, stand.

since the beginning of 2011, I turned to QQ open platform business, witnessed the second wave Chinese Internet entrepreneurs most wonderful bonus tide, accompanied by hundreds of entrepreneurial team from dim to bright, or to rebirth from the grave. Today, I recall the course of the past three years, there is a point in time from the latitude of a user behavior, divided into a new pattern of China’s Internet, this time point is June 2012. At that time, the number of domestic users have more than the number of mobile phone ownership PC. The following units: Wan (Department)

this new pattern is an explosive growth but vague situation, it belongs to the fastest entrepreneurs. Inside these entrepreneurs, I saw several explosive growth and breaking the fuzzy situation of the product, which has over 1 billion dollars of the company, and several other to $1 billion into the company.

1 unfamiliar street

was established in August 2011, the number of registered users in 2012: 22 million 500 thousand, in 2013 the number of registered users: 84 million 230 thousand, in 2014 the number of registered users: 120 million. This is a giant BAT let such figures are the envy stare tongue, while in the capital market, the valuation last year hundreds of millions of dollars in unfamiliar street, it is said that this year is the valuation of $2 billion, and is said to be going to IPO. Behind this series of wonderful figures, what is the rule of the outbreak of the mobile Internet

One of

‘s principles: human supremacy

in the Tencent platform for more than six years of service, the biggest feeling is the perception of the company’s increasingly strong. Many outsiders believe that Tencent is a social company, a lot of people in the industry believe that Tencent is a game company, and in the siege of my view, Tencent is a family of data mining company. From the perspective of the Tencent platform unfamiliar street, it is felt that the mobile Internet has brought shuffle change – understand the human nature of the product will erupt. Many people would love to play an unfamiliar product labels, unfamiliar street who bear the largest label is about guns, but the label is just outside the dominant perception is the real value of their human weaknesses in the insight. The weakness of human nature about the "seven sins" in the film, has a strong penetration in the street street products: demand is only an introduction, let the sparks between the opposite sex, so produce arrogance, jealousy, anger among gay; and lazy to bring the Internet to subvert the young people the most terrible, unfamiliar street so near young people more easily find the common interests of people, people, and even the use of "roaming" function to achieve random friends; say to greedy, this is one of many young cheats release the pressure, but also community atmosphere most easily spread rapidly. Two days ago and duck week investors chat, jokes to each other, feeling QQ users accustomed to eating duck week, unfamiliar street users like bell mirror, because the latter is more young, more clusters, more lazy, even went down to the store that trouble.

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