Google programmer transformation product manager experience sharing

Google programmer transformation product manager experience sharing

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Google group product manager Ken Norton, he turned from product technology, have a wealth of experience in product manager of startups and large companies, this article shares he believes that the product manager should have the most important qualities, and provide some investigation in the interview candidates of different abilities the problem.

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I’ve been in the startup for a long time, and I’ve found that it’s really different from big companies and startups. In YAHOO search, we have been ongoing recruitment. I do about 5-8 interviews a week. Resume, interview, offer, always one by one, uninterrupted. Now I’m not hiring manager, I’m only a small part of the start-up company responsible for product manager.

but there are always people in the product manager, and I have always been a member of the team. The first thing you pay attention to when you are in a big company is the number of jobs. But in terms of startups, everyone have to do things a bit, so you need a strong man. What’s more, the future is always unpredictable, so you need people who are adaptable. You may want to hire someone for something you want to do now, but something you can do in a matter of months may change. That’s not the case in big companies. When you are recruiting, you are sure to have a clear understanding of the responsibilities of the job you are looking for. A lot of people in YAHOO may not be very suitable for start-up companies. I would like to have such a discussion after the interview: "well… I’m not sure if they’re the perfect person, but they seem to fit the job, so hire them." This may be effective in large companies, but if startups do, is a blind alley.

I used to be an engineer, and later became a technical manager. Bubble on the Internet, I may recruit one hundred engineers. Through trial and error, I in the recruitment of this thing and learned a lot. When I started to turn to product manager, I could use some of my experience as an engineer, but I also learned a whole new set of recruitment skills during this period. Last week a friend asked me how to get a product manager. I find that there is not a good set of tips on how to recruit a product manager. (that is, there is no information about the product manager). More specifically, what should you expect from a product manager, whether you’re in a big company or an entrepreneurial environment, and there is not much information about that. So I think I should sort out what I have learned from my job.

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