Five points make you like Admin5

Five points make you like Admin5

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Adsense nets is a very common website, why he will be popular? Not because of the success of the site, Admin5 team is successful people.

a low profile

    Wang never put on airs, although he is very busy, but I will return to his information, in my heart, he is an ordinary grassroots webmaster. This is no contradiction with the hype, hype is for the cause, to be calm, low-key.

two. Draw the hearts of

  in my first article, I thought it would be deleted or not through the examination, did not think second days to see his article published, and not just that, in the home, including the free agent hundred dollars less I also enjoyed, I  one thousand and five hundred is the chain soft Wen come from Admin5 on, just imagine who will take their daily traffic over a million industry stand for the net friend to the text? And we turn the article to remove the link, but also want to get people?

Three. Establish the credibility of


; like Wang enthusiasm to help others, and ordinary " " selfless webmaster, prestige is painstakingly built up. If you don’t want to go this way, recommend Admin5 home feeling after I read a very good "seal a collection", believe that one brother is prestige, opposed by many people, the more people pay attention to his explanation.

  is speculation; from the computer report Phoenix, Party General webmaster friends of friends, and what Wang Chen, I forgot, I thought that the party did not learn what things, but will be the major media outlets, sina sohu.., this is a speculation, speculation in graph king ability is definitely not an ordinary person can be compared, but also from the soft start of the graph king.

  Admin5 was founded in unremittingly; 05 years in May, less than three years and has developed so fast during the Baidu letter, being hacked, not only advocates sought is graph king does not give up, do not abandon, unremittingly efforts. And we were Baidu after the domain name changed to do garbage station? If you must add a little stick, that is to accumulate, accumulate steadily time, time is the webmaster outbreak. Each grassroots can detonate their ability. Work hard, brothers.



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