You have to understand Hotmail’s entrepreneurial story

You have to understand Hotmail’s entrepreneurial story

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some years ago, almost everyone has a Hotmail, maybe you are still in use, you may have to switch to the Gmail arms, but in any case, as an Internet entrepreneur, you must understand the Hotmail story – no, Hotmail is Microsoft bought, not their creation.

to some extent, Hotmail’s two founders Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith can be said to be Web-based Email this type of network services, "founder". Of course, from a macro perspective, the occurrence of Webmail is inevitable, just a matter of time, but in the actual history, Sabeer and Jack Hotmail is the first such service to the enterprise network.

but in 1995, when Sabeer and Jack two former Apple engineers began to get together, they want to do is not Webmail. At that time, the Internet has just started, the browser is becoming more popular, so the first thing the two engineers think is that you can remotely manage the database through Web – yes, the cloud is not a new concept.

two personal start over the weekend and after the development of the named "JavaSoft" Web database management software, but they found a thing that is in the company behind a firewall, their Email software cannot connect to the server to send out and download a private message, which makes between them file exchange is very difficult, often to the disk to pass, can let each other to get their own written code, or to print out data, to give each other.

this situation lasted for a while, until one day they suddenly had an idea, why not use the browser to send and receive mail, do a Email system ", will not be blocked by a firewall. If they make such a system, not only can solve their own problems, there should be thousands of people in the world have similar problems.

they knew they had found an amazing idea, so they started to venture capital. But they don’t want to say Webmail the idea of venture capital, because they are afraid to disturb the biggest Network Inc Netscape, once the Netscape with Webmail, the Sabeer and Jack of the two small shrimp game is over.

so they took the idea of "JavaSoft database everywhere to venture fund-raising, their approach is if the venture capital to hear this very ordinary plan, did not immediately turn around and leave, willing to listen, they will make the Webmail more" kill "the idea with this.

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