Bitcoin is no longer suitable for the end of the era of pioneering Entrepreneurship

Bitcoin is no longer suitable for the end of the era of pioneering Entrepreneurship

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"will you use your savings to invest in bitcoin?"

this is a question raised by Quora at the end of 2013. At that time, bitcoin transaction price exceeded $1000, looking up all the way up bitcoin, many people are not willing to miss the opportunity to gold.

however, today, in view of the largest trading platform Mt.Gox filed for bankruptcy news, I am afraid that many people are more curious is, also want to trust bitcoin it is not finished?

when I went to ask a few entrepreneurs in the bitcoin ecosystem, they gave the answer is, it is not finished, just experiencing the pains of growth." In fact, we should also give these replies plus an explanation, the first round of entrepreneurial boom bitcoin boom ended, is now entering the second round.

the first round in June 2013, I went to the San Jose Bitcoin held in Conference, has been the miners told me he is everything with bitcoin to buy, this shows that bitcoin has the attribute of currency. If the review last summer in the bitcoin industry gathering to see the "eco system" – another virtual currency network exchange platform BitPay, Ripple, Coinbase, online wallet and later we reported to support bitcoin payment online shopping platform Bitfash, to help users "mining" of the DigCoin, you will find from the acquisition of bitcoin, with real world currency exchange, virtual wallet, online shopping, and even accepted another virtual currency network for the currency, at the time, bitcoin has formed an industrial chain.

subsequently it received the attention of the government and offline market. Vancouver set up bitcoin ATM machine, convertible and $the German government recognized legitimate bitcoin, on behalf of the United States Department of justice and the securities and Exchange Commission hearing is put forward in bitcoin is a legitimate financial tool, Chinese, Russia and some other countries the government announced bitcoin for illegal money, the famous American Airlines virgin Atlantic Airways to accept bitcoin payments……

in this development process, whether the argument is whether the bubble bubble has never stopped. Goldman Sachs recently issued a 25 page analysis, the conclusion is that bitcoin can not become a common currency. The Chicago law school professor Eric Posner published bitcoin views, he said bitcoin is of concern and not easy to be trusted, because it is the first time in the history of the not under the control of the government, not the central bank monetary management (this is the Silicon Valley people said "to the center").

but you see, this is the most exciting place for entrepreneurs – they will tell you that the spirit of the Internet is like this.

"from a mathematical and computational point of view, bitcoin is the most incredible I’ve seen in years."

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