See how make use of the phone nternet portfolio for two years to earn 200 thousand

See how make use of the phone nternet portfolio for two years to earn 200 thousand

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ten years ago, especially playing video games every day, doing nothing on the bubble in the game hall, the biggest wish is to open a game hall to make money; 7 years ago the contact network, from the network in a get out of hand when, when others were still in the days of Internet cafes to play online games. I was on the network game no interest, because in the past has been playing arcade fighting game, love the excitement of the war, rather than rely on network game as time consuming and energy to be able to play well, which is also a characteristic, make me at that time, began to learn in Internet cafes do ", every time I go to Internet cafes, Internet cafes to the boss with a computer, the restore wizard like cancel, because I want to download the Photoshop and Dreamweaver, because once before in a computer science Learning in the class learned simple basic PS, when coupled with the school of art have more talents and interests, therefore, on the choice of the site of the road, but at that time, and had not thought this for your occupation, or how much money from it, because young, even without Ding Lei and Ma Yun’s eyes, so interest is only interested in

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only when no interest, he thought, so also cause now I have been particularly regret thinking, remember, although the web technology is quite rough, but still has several forming small sites, such as a few games and entertainment forum station, can not afford because of the first space and domain name cost of second, the body has to work without too much time to manage, have long disappeared, did not feel sad, just can re do it, also did not think a few years later, the network can actually create so much rich myth, so many grassroots achievements webmaster, sorry ah, if there was so little eyes, or hold down, maybe today is not like this now.

however, although did not earn much money, but only from the production site, warning, I still see a new outlook, that is the mobile phone Internet, mobile phone network games, mobile phone video chat, mobile phone, mobile phone, mobile phone conference leisure farm group chat, file transfer, mobile phone mobile phone, mobile phone online pass and shoot a new generation of mobile phone shops and so on, from 2010 will usher in a new era, now, mobile phone or telephone function limitations and some other simple intelligent mobile phone function, you have to think that in the next few years, to play mobile phone game network, mobile phone search, mobile phone watch the web, mobile phone conductor in the kitchen to help you cook, mobile phone video chat, mobile phone conference, mobile phone shopping and so on


since I bought a smartphone N70, I’ve been thinking about this problem, mobile phone Internet, will be within the next few years, in addition to computer Internet the biggest trend, so, I have been looking for business opportunities in this area, do not want to work for others, fortunately, I am a year ago, found that a mobile phone software: joyme, it can achieve (Zhuo mi) mobile phone instant full.

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