Digg case study why technical people are important users

Digg case study why technical people are important users

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I have always thought that Digg is a Web2.0 application I miss, want to study and study, thanks to Ding Ding!

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text published: October 15, 2006

why this case analysis from December 2004 launch date, Digg Web2.0 has become a typical success. Digg is a website that provides news content. It is a kind of anti traditional editorial system. Digg users submit news material by other users to determine whether the material can be on the site home page, rather than by the editors decided. Although the Digg is not completely consistent with our previous success criteria (they have yet to be acquired, listed or produce high income), but their website to achieve a high flow rate in two years: 600 thousand registered users, 10 million PV daily, 1 million 500 thousand day, 10 million month and independent access to independent access. Digg also has a profound impact on the online news industry, many of the industry’s veteran companies are very concerned about the success of Digg.

Interview: Jay Adelson

success factors with transparency to attract news material provider


however in the beginning, the biggest challenge facing any content generated by users of the website are: how to motivate users in the network effect has not formed before, submit content to the website. The network effect refers to the user and the content of a total of more than a certain threshold, the network itself can be submitted to the content of the user to bring enough returns, thereby automatically;

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