Du Yinan read with 24 coupons epitaph

Du Yinan read with 24 coupons epitaph

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Du Yinan, less of gunpowder, instead of the narrow-minded attitude.

24 coupons fell, founder Du Yinan silent nearly three months after the re emergence. For him, the last September with investors accused each other get neither "pretty", the final public the truth of their own excuse still skeptical. Du Yinan’s appearance, less of gunpowder, instead of the narrow-minded attitude. He used 3000 words, summed up to get $about 50000000 financing of the 24 coupons, why not live in the electricity supplier competition. Mentioned in the Group buy long-term debt model, financial risk control and employment problems, I believe that entrepreneurs can learn from.

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Author: CEO

Du Yinan ‘s 24 coupons

may be the story of the world, only a few people will know, sooner or later will be forgotten by most people. Through the clouds, just hope that the accusations and suspicion, can stay on the most in need of our sympathy and support Chinese Internet entrepreneurs, a little bit of experience may be not at all surprising.

, a veteran entrepreneur friend once said to me, every aspect of the difficult process of entrepreneurship will challenge your humanity; perhaps, people need to make a big mistake to practice to the valuable skills, thus making it possible to obtain great achievements. In the past 3 years in the past 24 years, I admit that I have made a lot of mistakes in the choice of direction, the formulation of strategy, the selection and appointment. For those 3 years and I stand together through storm and stress 24 coupons to colleagues and friends, this is not new; they know that I am a strange character, who has a lot of shortcomings, so once and for all to the end of the 24 person ticket in the 3 years of my patience, tolerance and understanding as in the past and trust and support, I am grateful. Without you, there would be no 24.

is a group purchase platform, whether to stay in or out, is had on the arena of dauntless practitioners. Out, although the scars are tough; stay, is facing the hitherto unknown challenge more, they are waiting for the test of life and sublimation. Even if the world disdains attention out of experience, perhaps these experiences can be left to the people cheer.

first, careful selection of direction, location and careful judgment day, is an entrepreneur can make the most important decision. Just like playing poker at the Dezhou table will affect a person’s success, entrepreneurs of the industry and business model (product) the choice of an enterprise future destiny is essential, this is to "stop" grasp; accurate cognition of the environment of capital market and commercial market, and with the timely adjustment of strategic play. This is the "day" to grasp. For entrepreneurs, like the right place at the right time; only in hard work, lack of real-time attention to the capital market environment, leading to business expansion.

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