Walking on the road of hard work

Walking on the road of hard work

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life is like this, full of a lot of misfortune, but life must be colorful, can not be a lot of misfortune and cover up its luster.

when I was 27 years old, in the fourth year of work in our company, because for performance and colleagues quarrel, then the words are not just beat up, finally I and that I was playing colleagues have been kicked out of the company.

I was bored at home for a few days, not do not want to go out looking for a job, it is not in the mood to find a job. Over the weekend, a few friends call me to drink, I told them I was a thing, then let them introduce me to work, they comfort me also has advised me, let me do a little business, always stronger than work. My money is a problem, I can’t hide, tell them the truth, I think a few people will lend me some of it, who did not know the person to borrow. But they said to me, let me open a shop in Taobao, not only saving money and labor supply, if they offer me in, but the little girl jewelry.

said we would do, I was a man of action, then set down to open the Taobao store, began to work together, a few days later, Taobao audit success, my shop is open up.

but the problem will come, no traffic no business, how to do? I visited Taobao post bar, Taobao forum and other places on the Internet, summed up the experience, some trick hair soft, the signature of the party replies to come out, also gradually have the business, from every single day to day did not. A few single, the effect is good.

shop for two months, I’ve earned a total of one month’s salary, it makes me feel very slow, in some small sellers QQ group, ask the other owner, they said it was normal, just opened a store like me good, slowly accumulated reputation, business is good. I rely on this day a few single business, what time to store credit accumulation up ah? I think, if someone can sell me a high reputation of the shop, I earn speed not to increase it many times? That buy a car is also a matter of minutes.

Baidu search for a look, see a lot of trading platform trading platform, the basic is the intermediary, and a few platforms in the mediation of a little after just know, store transactions take the intermediary process safe and reliable. I thought about it for a day, and then I felt like I was going to buy a shop with a high reputation, about 1 or so. I put my purchase information to the several intermediary said, will soon recommend me some shops, I looked for a moment, finally in the feeling of A5 (tao.admin5.com) online trading platform for selling trinkets I recommend most meet my requirements set down, probably about 1 weeks of trading I have completed, I bought the shop, and received the original owner to inventory.

the shop took over time still do, so every day I started about thirty or forty single, does not meet, every day from the single down to thirty or forty a day, I was a little confused, but a few.

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