Discussion on the profit model of rubbish website

Discussion on the profit model of rubbish website

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is 5.1 of the time wrote an article "my site traffic on 10000IP is so tempered", it is my first time in A5 writing, then obtained some friends here thank you very much! At the same time, see the following message that some friends inside pop too much, that is a fact this article is written today! It is mainly discussed in order to solve this problem, the main object of the discussion is like me do the dumpster small grassroots webmaster, online expert brother can take a detour, oh


online now like me a lot of small owners, in addition to a small part is out of interest rather than profit, I think most of the webmaster or want to get some income through their own station. Although many senior expert through their own station monthly income of tens of thousands or even more, but I think the more small webmaster or out of "poverty" edge, are still profitable problems their own website and search. The website profit pattern is very many, A5 has many friends to summarize above, I do not duplicate, in this only trash station said my view.

webmaster do stand first is to give yourself a position, including the location and positioning of the profit model. I just started to do this station is a very simple idea, do traffic, put advertising, make money. I define the garbage station is actually very simple, is to add up the contents of the article, attracted traffic through a variety of marketing and means, and then make money through advertising! So my site is a garbage station, there is no page style, to visit the image like, not even expect to repeat, is mainly the accumulation of content, as much as possible to increase the search engine rankings and included quantity, and then put on advertising as much as possible.

garbage station profit model is the most important to rely on Internet advertising. On the basis of a certain amount of traffic, you can seek advertising. Although it is as much as possible advertising, of course, is not the more the better, what things still have to adhere to a moderate principle. The garbage station can advertising can pop, floating, content, text, pictures etc.. And access to the source of these ads are now mainly Baidu alliance, Adsense, advertising alliance, etc..

advertising alliance is mainly on pop ads, typically a website can be put in 1-2 League POP advertising is no problem, if not deliberately cheat, advertising is acceptable. Now the price of advertising popups are generally 4 yuan / IP, to promote easy advertising as an example, the general ejection rate was about 70%, and the site code in different positions may be slightly different, so a day IP10000 about a pop station daily income 28 yuan. Do two words pop alliance daily income can be about 50-60. But pop can not be higher than 2, so there will be the risk of K, The loss outweighs the gain.

can then apply for Google and Baidu to promote the alliance, you can also put 2 of the league’s advertising, on the collection and ranking basic >

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