Easy diner small city takeaway O2O you can not afford to let tomorrow

Easy diner small city takeaway O2O you can not afford to let tomorrow

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review Zang Yunlong and his partner Lu Chao is small, in the experience of studying abroad, the founder of "easy diners", doing takeaway food in Wuhu O2O. The fool to manage all kinds of data; the easy eaters, businesses, a total of 3 terminals to Xiaoshuai; the single customer price remained at around 45 yuan; the team of 40 people, more than 90% full-time staff.



buy, takeaway takeaway O2O is the industry believes that the volume is not smaller than the group." In the first half, hungry for public comment $80 million investment, the industry has become one of the most concerned about the event of a financial investment, and food sinks, zero line and other new brands can also be regarded as the industry star. Not only that, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and other giants also expressed interest in this market.

in this competition, a home away from first-tier cities, a Wuhu start-up companies have plunged into the field of food takeaway O2O. Is it possible to find a path of its own?

how to find their own advantages?

founded by Zang Yunlong, which is called the easy living network technology company, more than a month ago in the Android market on the line specifically for Wuhu local takeaway APP diners". At present, it has reached 40 cooperative businesses, customer coverage of nearly 300 thousand people, the distribution of its category in addition to three meals a day, but also includes desserts and snacks. Easy diners in the line in the first month, did not do too much publicity has gathered 3000 users.

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, easy diners developed for the city’s electricity supplier business processing system: you can fool all kinds of data management. Because it establishes a precise financial settlement module, so as to make reconciliation, report can be separated from the manual also can finish the work. In addition, the diners also established a visual food and beverage distribution module, its purpose is to achieve efficient and standardized distribution.

on the client, it is easy to customers, businesses, to a total of 3 terminal Xiaoshuai: users through the website and mobile phone APP orders and enquiries, merchants have background orders, exclusive shop management processing, through the intelligent mobile phone terminal Xiaoshuai easy to accept orders, query line, feedback information until the confirmation of receipt.

Zang Yunlong and his partner Lu Chao is small at the same time, two people have the experience of studying abroad. Zang from the British returned to his hometown of Wuhu last year, when the company started to pull, he is not worried about the market volume of this small city is less than first-tier cities, which can not take this business to do so. He believes that one of the biggest features of O2O is to adjust measures to local conditions, there are very distinct localization features. To this end, the Zang "entrepreneur" reporter said, the city of Wuhu is small, but there are several restaurants, but the "tongue on Chinese". So, we can see the people here to eat this thing up."

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