For want to make money novice Adsense

For want to make money novice Adsense

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Most of the

webmaster webmaster want to make money online is the webmaster, but we think, relying on a website to make money is not so easy to earn money, a website is not as simple as that I write this article.

I’m not saying you want to pour cold water, because this article is aimed at the novice webmaster. Come straight to the point, I will tell you that novice webmaster why not to earn money..

1 sites do not have their own unique side.

have you thought about what you do in do? Because the site is not to say that you do it with people, the monotony of the website has caused serious aesthetic fatigue of the majority of users, even if you do out there will be more people to your site to see? Not to say you make a there are 123 good copycat your website homepage, don’t say you have a pure copy and paste novel station will someone every day. After all, the website does not have its own unique side failure.

2 take SEO when the site’s faith

don’t say you are a disciple of SEO Baidu or GOOGLE is your temple, so wrong! Once saw a novice webmaster site is not mature on all day thinking about SEO, today for a DIV+CSS template to optimize the site title tomorrow, the final result as can be imagined, the two words is very cruel: a little K. you should know is that the site is a show, rather than to Baidu or Google look at


3 excessive pursuit of traffic

site traffic is important, in stationmaster net it is easy to see the following article will have some small AD. I wonder who posted AD purpose is to do some traffic? How can you not think about this from the station to the station you are in the same profession, you said you posted interesting? Really with the AD as it used this time to think of a way to increase your traffic.

4 free space

want to do a website on the Internet is not to say that you find a free space to upload a program for a LOGO built several columns is a website, if not to learn but to make money, then the result could not have said to me, to professional will have a good foundation for this. I don’t think so much say.

5 do stand is to make money

Many webmaster Wangzhuan

think, if you say an easy job to do this sentence or even this sentence when you build the idea of it, then you are wrong. You have not thought about what your site has to make money, not to say with several coalition hanging a few AD COPY two is to make money, when the king when do ADMIN5 he said ADMIN5 is to make money? And now you see the ADMIN5 website is to make money and you will understand this sentence is not so easy to say. So the practice you have to do is to learn, to observe the.


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