Touch the power of the crayfish from the nternet thinking about how to provide opportunities for en

Touch the power of the crayfish from the nternet thinking about how to provide opportunities for en

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I dark horse: the Internet makes diners try crayfish with new forms, many entrepreneurs saw the opportunity to use new tools, new channels of the Internet and electronic commerce, from the beginning of crayfish into the food and beverage industry. They try to change the industry in a new way.

ten years ago, crawfish is just the beginning of the epidemic, Innovation workshop co-founder Wang Zhaohui tried several crawfish restaurant, then he settled in Gui street, the main Hu spicy crawfish restaurant, eat until now. As crayfish lovers, in the evening he love 35 poly friends, chatting and eating. Wang Zhaohui’s hobby is known to his friends, so that when a friend gave his child to send clothes, they chose a cartoon lobster.

now, Hu from this shop ten years ago into a chain of businesses, there are four stores in Gui street. While Guijie has become a street of restaurants crayfish. For ten years, not only is the change of the crayfish market, behind it, people’s consumption habits and living conditions have changed. Fast pace of Beijing, people’s daily life pressure is great, one day down tight state, because of hemp and spicy, diners can ease personal pressure. In the evening, and slowly eat crayfish is also suitable for chat with friends. Many factors contribute to business crayfish blowout.


Change the way

eat crayfish.

entrepreneur Xiong Shuwei the first batch of crayfish from her circle of friends all WeChat customers.

bear Shuwei originally in the marketing department of a media, I also love to eat spicy crawfish, most of the time she bought 7 pounds of shrimp one to eat, eat their "hi". She felt in the media sometimes do not have a sense of achievement in the market, so that the ten or twenty PPT have a customer through even a good, and their cooking is heartfelt love. Bear Shuwei decided to resign venture, founded the "hemp bear spicy crayfish".

at first, there is no well-known customers did not choose to advertise Ma Xiaoxiong. Xiong Shuwei Ma Xiaoxiong gave his original crayfish colleagues and the leadership of taste, in the media about the recommendation in his circle of friends WeChat and micro-blog, when micro-blog fans will bear Gastrodia from 10 to 100, there are a lot of people with their public no.. Media entrepreneurs to support." A peer multimedia message, Ma bear’s name that began to spread word of mouth.

Ma Xiaoxiong entered the market at the same time, there are also many Internet Co start crayfish takeaway advertising this year. In the subway of Beijing, during the world cup, people can see a lot of business website to hang out with crayfish related advertising. Ma Xiaoxiong and the entrepreneurs different, these businesses have crossed from the social network users become close friends pull stage, but the direct use of intensive advertising to the public to promote their products, users now have formed by the electricity supplier website shopping habits, and commercial channels with >

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