Breaking the road O2O entrepreneurs how to shape the brand

Breaking the road O2O entrepreneurs how to shape the brand

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review: how to build a personal brand? Personal brand is to be true to yourself, to build their own force, forced to personality as the body, with character to show, to taste the difference.

the author of this article from their own entrepreneurial experience and experience, thinking about how to eat O2O entrepreneurs should speak for themselves, but you will not feel that this is only suitable for the food and beverage industry.

/ Wang Mingwei (AHU barbecue founder, micro signal: 355291578


before the two catering O2O gem has been a lot of misunderstanding and false entrepreneurial venture partners with many of them are done failed, and some just began to do already took the original capital, there is no way out, so I can point out the crux of the problem is that some have found a way of breaking the however, this is only my personal experience is not necessarily correct, I only listen to the statements of a school, and think you.

whether self ordering platform provides a convenient order and distribution of the third party platform for the customer, or self brand, homegrown to be back to a fundamental point, is the person, or the founder. All the value is the founder of the brand or platform of all industries in the future will pan entertainment, the founder to see this trend as to create stars like building your personal brand, your personal brand or platform to give the brand value, this is the mobile Internet era of the ultimate gameplay.

We look back the development history of

millet, influence power founder Lei Jun did not rise, Huang Taiji, founder of He Chang Shenxianshizu, examples of "the logic of thinking to meet the eye everywhere," based on Luo Zhenyu, a hammer mobile phone based on Luo Yonghao, ZEALER, based on the king and even before the Alibaba based on Ma Yun, Zhang Ruimin, based on Haier Tencent based on Ma Huateng, and so on, this is not the only one, what a successful brand is not immediately reminiscent of the founders? This is the personal value and brand value of the enterprise is to create a symbiotic relationship, founder of the stage, the success of the enterprise has become the best endorsement of the founder, founder of powerful influence will also give he founded the brand enterprises and the best endorsement, all this seems to explain a problem, doing business is actually In the process for the founder of your true self, it is a close call grind founder, success or failure is not important, because they found themselves through entrepreneurship.

then give to us what inspired? A process called actually is to build your own personal brand, your business enterprise is a product of your stage, different stage and different experience you will have a different value of the present, to instill brand soul looking for celebrity endorsements instead of spending huge money and energy, it is better to learn Chen ou, bold came out and shouted "I speak for myself". That’s why we’re starting a business.

big companies are like this, we grassroots entrepreneurs should not be limited resources and energy are spent in creating their own charming personality of this thing up, >

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