For the user to find a fit bra into a popular project Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship

For the user to find a fit bra into a popular project Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship

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, according to technology blog AllThingsD reported that women buy fit comfortable bra is not easy, the business sector is also aware of the problem, there are a number of start-up companies to join them to solve the problem.

just to find a focus on the electricity supplier industry venture capital which types of entrepreneurial ideas popular now, underwear entrepreneurs willing to locate the top of the list. Silicon Valley seems to be a bit of a fan of the Vitoria s (Victoria), whether it is by giving women a more fitting bra or giving a more affordable price to Secret.


in the field of more well-known start-up companies have True& Co. It has raised $6 million, promises to bring a very good bra, aimed at high-end customers. "For some people, the secret of Vitoria is a symbol of sex, but our customers don’t think so." True& Co CEO; Michel · (Michelle Lam) recently said the lamb.

You need to

in True& Co website to fill out a "fit" questionnaire, help the company understand your chest size, shape, do you think the most suitable for their own brand and cup etc.. After True& Co will be personalized to try to send your bra to your home, delivery and return are not charged, the user can try to satisfy.



then there is Adore Me. The company recently completed a $8 million 500 thousand financing, focusing on the fast fashion model (on time, parity and keep up with fashion trends) and monthly subscription for customers to bring the price of a more popular bra.


and now there’s a company called ThirdLove. It recently raised $5 million 600 thousand, claiming that as long as women have a iPhone and enough patience, they can bring a more fitting bra.

the company’s iPhone app is available today. It sounds impressive – taking two photos of yourself, you can get a fully fit Bra – but it’s not completely seamless experience.

because it requires the user to adjust the camera in manual zoom lens, and remake, this process will cause people to abandon the use of. But after 10 to 15 minutes and several times after the remake, application can really draw the user bra size.

ThirdLove will choose from its bra products to provide you with a number of library size styles and colors, the bra starts at $45.

if its technology really works — that’s a big assumption — that ThirdLove is expected to be in the hobby section

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