Personal website promotion complete manual

Personal website promotion complete manual

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Personal website – a familiar noun. Now there are personal website users in China not millions, although we should not just to mingheli to do personal website, but there is no doubt that their websites are more people know, more and more people appreciate, is all the expectations of webmaster, after all it is to meet the people inside of the sense of achievement. So how to promote their own personal website, what method to make their site’s name is more people know, is the webmaster are concerned about things. This article will tell you how to promote personal website.

< TITLE > 1) page title


when browsing the web browser in the upper left corner of the title bar from the text, it is a website was the first visitors to see the information. At the same time, many search engines on the Internet automatically search the web site, including the record of the page title and keywords. Therefore, the title of the page for the promotion of the site and increase visitors to browse the site’s interest is very helpful. The use of a page title in a web page is as follows:

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