Grassroots entrepreneurs readme light application behind the big business

Grassroots entrepreneurs readme light application behind the big business

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Ding Feng, Beijing Tiancheng network technology limited CEO, a veteran of IT for more than 20 years. With the telecommunications industry for nearly 10 years working experience, in 2008 began to lead his team to the software transformation, in the next five years, Ding Feng had done PC software, mobile terminal APP did the light application of cloud. Ding Feng and his team has gone through a lot of a lot of detours, so this time Ding Feng want to talk about their entrepreneurial experience, good for entrepreneurs who learn from.

a grassroots entrepreneurs readme: Procter & Gamble Lancome light applications behind the business single

I think it’s better to say that my team and I are starting a business. From the beginning of 2002, we do hardware, first through the telecom business the most glorious five years, and then experienced a painful transition from hardware to software for several years, we have experienced difficulties in the development of mobile Internet after this. Impulse, confusion, expectation, entrepreneurship sour, sweet, bitter, hot, only experienced people know.

everyone wants to Nuggets mobile Internet, but how to get it? The plight of mobile developers has repeatedly been mentioned, is no longer a new topic. However, we started last year and Baidu light application cooperation, do a light application development business, only to feel the direction gradually clear up. Or that sentence, as long as the right way, is not afraid of the road.


as a veteran of more than 20 years of IT, Ding Feng experienced a glorious era of hardware and decline, and now take the mobile Internet express.

Iron Age (2000-2008): from the busy but nothing came to

our company Beijing tewang Tiancheng Technology Co. Ltd. was founded in 2002, for a traditional telecom business of the company, it is undoubtedly a good time. We are an agent of China Telecom is not the separation of the main job is to some traditional hardware based telecom value-added telecom services.

want to know, in 2000 or so, especially before the year of 2005, which is the development of the China Telecom industry a few years, the telecommunications infrastructure, user demand is very large. Our company’s business is busy busy, so no one will talk about what transformation.

, however, after a few years of rapid growth, China’s Telecom hardware demand began to become saturated. The simplest example is that you have a telephone installed this year and you can’t install another one next year. But next year we have to eat ah.

user demand began to show a significant decline, so that we feel like the telecommunications agents to reduce the pressure on the business. Not only agents like us, even the most high-end operators in the China Telecom industry also felt the pressure. That pressure has forced China Telecom in 2008 after the two big family.


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