Speed disk an excellent free original network hard disk service provider

Speed disk an excellent free original network hard disk service provider

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speed disk (http://s.www.sudupan.com) the name of the network hard disk service provider is estimated that many people may not be familiar with or even heard of, in fact, as early as the beginning of the operating speed of the line in early 2010!

speed disk distributed network hard disk storage system was developed in the second half of 2009, after six months of research and development in early 2010 formally launched


now the market has a lot of network hard disk management software, why do you want to spend a lot of effort to speed up the development of independent research and development, taking into account the requirements of the network hard disk later technical requirements are relatively high,

If you buy a

program to others operating network hard disk late update and improvement, will be a big problem, and now on the market to sell the network hard disk management software is not very good, only suitable for small scale to do, want to do a good job or have independent research and development,

For example: now

speed dial client software supports a single 10G or large file upload and support HTTP, this function is other network operators do not drive, speed dial also developed a file download system and security system,

can be reduced to the maximum extent file by other websites hotlinking, thereby reducing the server bandwidth costs much


what are the advantages of the current speed of the user to use it?

1, speed disk large free storage capacity!

speed dial currently provide truly free 500G large shared storage space, support the use of client software to upload the single largest 1G file, support batch folder drag upload, HTTP support functions and upload a permanent preservation, no renewal of


this is the market for all other free network hard disk can not be compared, can be said that the speed of the disk is free sharing first ideal network hard disk, allowing you to share files no longer worry about capacity for SkyDrive


2, speed disk upload and download speed?

speed disk using independent research and development of independent download server system and security chain system, download and upload speed is not limited, under normal circumstances, how fast your speed, how fast speed!

users to speed disk to download a friend to share the resources, do not have to enter the download verification code, do not wait for the download time, support thunder, express and other multi-threaded download tools to download!

3, speed disk R & D strength?

speed disk whether it is Web online management system, or PC client management software, as well as the download system and the chain system is completely independent research and development, and has a strong ability to follow the development of

can protect the function of the SkyDrive update speed of the disk is SkyDrive and Baidu!, SkyDrive 115, HUAWEI SkyDrive network disk service providers as completely independent R & D! "

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