Public class Entrepreneur Yao Jinbo Xu Weihao staged a three season on O2O Wan Yong

Public class Entrepreneur Yao Jinbo Xu Weihao staged a three season on O2O Wan Yong

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lead: 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo, CEO Xu Weihao, the radius of life aunt help CEO Wan Yong and Carradine CEO season to share in the O2O industry’s most recent thinking and opinions.

In November 20th

, with O2O as the theme of the third stage entrepreneurial state open class (BangClass) in a wonderful lecture theater stars. 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo, the radius of life CEO Xu Weihao, aunt to help CEO Wan Yong, CEO season as an important speaker to the audience to share their latest thinking and perception in the O2O industry.

The following is an excerpt from the

speaker part dry cargo:

58 city Yao Jinbo: O2O Time Inc will disappear platform will rise

58 city

Yao Jinbo said: in the mobile era, combined with the local life services and mobile Internet will not only subvert the entire traditional local service industry, will also change the form of business organization, business organization more and more will disappear, but in other forms of organization.

at the same time, the traditional local service industry capital structure will also change the past, customers spend 10 dollars to buy the service, the third party intermediary company took 60% workers, took only 40%, while the third party company take more, but not necessarily have good, because the 60% cost there is a big cost, including site fees management fees, promotional fees, and various taxes. And now through the platform directly connecting businesses and customers, save intermediate links, customers are likely to only 7 dollars.


"O2O actually came up last year. 58 city model is to connect users and businesses, there are 7 million businesses in the use of the 58, of which 1 million are paid users. Mobile and O2O are what we will do in the future. In the future, the mobile Internet is the Internet, PC Internet is a traditional industry, and most of the resources are taken away by the giants, the domain name is not important."

O2O era, the company will disappear, the platform will rise. Commodity standardization, concentration, cross regional shopping popular; personalized service, decentralized, limited by location. Mobile Internet plus service, high permeability, positioning, people can real-time online, mobile payment, obvious advantages. It will change the form of business organizations, practitioners employment, customer experience. A few thin platforms will replace a large number of companies; the national unified platform, the promotion cost is extremely low; the center of gravity shifts from the company to the worker; the initial competition is intense, the subsidy consumer; a company is an industry. The entrance is no longer important." Yao Jinbo says.

radius of life Xu Weihao: start to consider how to survive

radius of life Xu Weihao think: how to do a good job of local life logistics services is the last mile, because the local life of the logistics service is very dependent. Current radius of life has more than and 700 characters

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