What are the experiences of an entrepreneur

What are the experiences of an entrepreneur

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everyone wants to be the boss, but the boss’s seat is not good to do, on the road of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs have 10 hardships, like 10 mountains, only read them, entrepreneurship can be successful.

first: no money

said that after 70, 80, the courage to fight hard fight only after 90 entrepreneurs start empty-handed competition of family background, lack most is money, no money is hard enough to find good people, can not continue, as the first mountain of entrepreneurship.

second: where is the road?

In fact,

IT believes that the "road" ears should be determined in the money before, but if the road is very clear that anyone can go, sometimes it is because we do not understand, entrepreneurs in a daze insisted, after the success of a look back, oh, I had to catch up with what what the trend, so I succeeded.

third: investors questioned

which entrepreneurs are not investors questioned? Not being questioned investors, close relatives and friends also often question the things you do before you succeed, can only endure the pain, maybe this is the only way which must be passed every entrepreneur


fourth: employees suck

God is not afraid of the same opponent, afraid of pigs as teammates, some employees suck even, it may also drag back the team, if an employee is always to work, a negative attitude as the founder, please dismiss him, this passionate entrepreneurial business can be negative, what he can do


fifth: recruit poor character employees

not only virtuous staff at best mediocre, but non talented German employees are absolutely the time bomb enterprise, team long efforts may just because a person of poor quality of employees betrayal as entrepreneurs, cast to waste, Huiyanshizhu is an essential skill.

sixth: the product is not recognized by the market

hard to find the money and do things with brothers, products are hard grinding out, but the results may not get the public recognition, may be said to be a niche demand, even by the user’s program, for entrepreneurs, this is inevitable, which is a successful product to identify the user needs? The team continue to modify the products, continue to progress, one day will be successful


seventh: customer for

as an entrepreneur, if you meet the clients for you? Said the best way is to put up with the truth, is difficult because of their strength is not enough, and their increasingly powerful, fair treatment will follow the.

eighth: public opinion pressure

entrepreneurship can be said to be the creation of enterprises, can also be said to be the cause of creation, success or failure will always face different pressure of public opinion, entrepreneurs do not

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