Three people Li Rubin Jin Xin and Yao Jinbo for the past 14 years

Three people Li Rubin Jin Xin and Yao Jinbo for the past 14 years

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2001, Yao Jinbo, Hunan, Shandong, Li Rubin, Beijing, the people of, set up an education and training company, listed in 2010, the market capitalization of $1 billion. During the 2005, Hunan people Yao and set up another company, listed in 2013, the market value of more than 4 billion u.s.. In 14 years, to three a good gay friend took a different path? This is a character, fate and friendship story.

three people, Li Rubin, Yao Jinbo, and the two listed companies, the big education and the city of 58 in the city of. Education for three people or 58 city, Yao Jinbo alone built; the former market is declining, fell to $1 billion from the current less than $300 million, which has a market value of more than $4 billion.

Yao Jinbo from rural Hunan, Li Rubin was born in Shandong County, Jin Xin has lived in Beijing city from grandparents. If the origin of the loss of shallow people, at least it can not be denied that the growth environment will have an impact on people’s character.

Yao Jinbo will be firm, clear, strong sense of judgment, to do big things.

Li Rubin strong desire for wealth, but compared with Yao Jinbo, ambition is not.

than Yao, Li, Jin Xin is the most moderate.

from the same starting point, three people went to the road of the three different. They have seen the Chinese partner, I think the conflict and contradiction between them much more intense than the film. However, 14 years later, still.

we put forward the establishment of the school education in the office of the location for their photo shoot, three people in the rain arrived on time in the morning. To everyone’s surprise, here is a maternity hospital, the office is now in the corridor outside the delivery room.

In the process of shooting

, from time to time there came the newborn crying.


in early summer of 2014, the dark horse contest Silicon Valley scene, Li Rubin, chairman of the board of education as a player, on the stage to do the project roadshow – this is his second venture, a P2P car rental company. Lee is one of the few with Chinese speech (there are simultaneous) players, even so, he was clearly nervous when stammer.

this is the result of counseling. Over the past few days, as a judge Yao Jinbo Li Rubin from time to time to train, otherwise, may also be able to give him 60 points, said Yao Jinbo. The night before, Li Rubin pulled yaojinbo in the contest scene over and over again preview until 2 a.m.. He wants to break himself.

Yao Jinbo Li Rubin’s ppt page hundreds of words "all cut off, leaving only the chart and up to 10 words. Yao on his partner to do the responsibility, Lee is to participate in the competition is Yao Jinbo pull.

"he doesn’t want to challenge," Yao Jinbo said. "I told him you were CEO. He was envious of me when I was there

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