Google AdSense for content new ad style

Google AdSense for content new ad style

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Google AdSense AdSense the number of days before the recommendation seems to be a problem, only the text link can display, button image advertising has not shown, finally in August 5th back to back to normal.


recently released Google AdSense official blog not what news, only released several successful cases with all optimization sub station to these sites, Simon also translated one on the forum to optimize the success of -MegaGames forum.


to official blog does not publish news Simon not AdSense what to write? Of course not, Simon and Google on draft AdSense offline success rate of Google conversion inference, AdSense recommended to introduce 2 more links… Google AdSense theme of the article is not. Busy recently, AGLOCO and Text-Link-Ads made "placed in sub domain and AGLOCO Chinese recommended advertising icon. Of course, everywhere around the site, stroll around the Simon found a new AdSense for content new ad style, also found that Google AdSense recommended link 2 and revised.


AdSense for content new ad style

Simon found that the ad is not the appearance of the ad style is different, but AdSense for content ad is different from the general common advertising group. This new style of advertising Google advertising signs with the general under different, it is in the advertisement above, in the ad group and no differences are the title, advertising, web site, but more than one estimate is similar to the link text ads group (below).

does not currently see the official news about the link group advertising built-in AFC advertising, is often the AdSense blog has not released the hearsay about the style of advertising news.


Google AdSense recommended link 2.0.2!?


The last time the

Simon report recommended link 2 after revision, and now found a little different, now recommend advertising presentation and not the same as before, AdSense will be too large advertising image, as long as the blue arrow will move the mouse to the bottom right of the image shows the original size, this design than before to save space.


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