Courier industry cross border e commerce must have three conditions

Courier industry cross border e commerce must have three conditions

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today, the rapid development of electronic commerce, express has become the development of e-commerce "chicken ribs", in the face of this situation, not only for large-scale Alibaba self logistics, even Jingdong are also financing at logistics.

to the e-commerce giant cross-border move, the logistics sector have also been involved in the test of electronic commerce, such as online merchandise sales platform "for the E purchase ZJS", SF launched a shopping website of SF E circle, STO launched the "long ticketing network" train ticket sales, want to share a piece of cake in the electronic commerce industry.

from the current level of development of e-commerce and logistics industry, e-commerce development speed is 200%-300%, while the logistics growth rate of only about 40%. Logistics services can not keep up with the development of e-commerce. There is still a long way to go to get a piece of cake.

Hyperion believes that the following three points, the logistics industry in the cross-border competition must have:

a, service

to this observation, now many domestic courier industry, their services are not in place, the company may have some personnel training is not in place, all aspects of transportation are still many deficiencies, logistics supporting system is not mature, the service quality is not high, FedEx has become the slow delivery of consumer complaints more and more, is still in the development stage, if not to express more professional and market positioning more clearly, and then switch to the other, to make a difference, also make a big question mark.

two, capital

Such as Alibaba, Jingdong and

mall, Dangdang, excellence in the electric business for many years, with rich experience in mature e-commerce enterprises compared to express the advantage of having more perfect logistics, but it is not enough, should express downstream industry in e-commerce industry, is e-commerce services, if want to extend upstream, do not have enough capital, strong financial support, there are still a lot of risk.

three, talent

express industry wants to make a difference in the electronic commerce industry, there is a very important is the talent reserve, said gehangrugeshan, courier companies are not familiar with retail and Internet of the two highly specialized industry, not a professional e-commerce team in the face after the operation, the trend of development control of e-commerce market, to cope with change and timely decision making. It is difficult to compete with these professional e-commerce companies.

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