nternet marketing has become the leading edge of the multinational market competition focus

nternet marketing has become the leading edge of the multinational market competition focus

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  according to the "investigation report" the number of Internet information resources China 2005 data show that online resources in China is growing rapidly, "a total of about 2 billion 400 million compared to the same period, an increase of 269%, which fully shows that the rapid growth of network information resources in China in 2005. According to the nature of the site and service content, the number of Web sites accounted for 60.4% of the total number of sites, personal web site reached 21.9%, educational research sites, government sites were followed by 5.1%, 4.4%.

  with the Internet economy, Web2.0, P2P, broadband services and other services will be the Internet into a new stage of development, the Internet is more and more a large number of excellent enterprises and personal website. Network management has become the front edge and the focus of competition for multinational enterprises, in the United States, 60% of small businesses, and medium-sized enterprises, more than 90% of large enterprises use the Internet to carry out business activities in. In China, 40% companies on the site needs is not clear, but expect to establish a website can increase the sales of enterprises accounted for 25%, there are about 22% of the companies expressed doubts about the role of the site. Therefore, the number of the most large, should have the most commercial value of the enterprise website has not been completely broke.

  a good corporate Web site can help companies with strong visibility, a higher market share, to create their own brand benefits. Personal website is different from the blog, it can just build a platform for communication between you and a network, a good personal website is not only a platform to display their own, it can get some economic benefits from. However, because of this kind of site itself is different from the portal site, so the server’s hardware requirements are not very large, but can not get rid of the shackles of speed. So a new kind of product was born, that is virtual host.

  according to the reporter, in the domestic market on the part of virtual hosting service providers have been aware of the needs of the market, have launched a virtual host for individuals, enterprises website, Internet Era (www.now.cn) upgrade version business host launched, support a variety of scripts, optional room, for personal and business users tailored to purchase the host presented GCDN network mirror acceleration engine, so as to better solve the problem of communication between North and south. Meet the actual needs of individuals and enterprises.

  times Internet (www.now.cn), general manager Qiu Yuling said that the establishment of the enterprise site, it should be done in a well-known brand. One of the purposes of the enterprise is to release the product information on the Internet, increase sales and expand the business, e-commerce is also more convenient. Brand website allows the exchange of information on the Internet more convenient, timely and accurate. In today’s Internet infrastructure is increasingly perfect today, only our terminal construction to promote the development of e-commerce.

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