Behind the rural electricity supplier behind the farmers how much profit

Behind the rural electricity supplier behind the farmers how much profit

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Abstract: Hot rural electricity supplier, in just the beginning of the stage, it has changed the taste.


due to policy and other reasons, the rural electricity supplier has become the most wanted to do thousands of county village. Financial support, preferential policies on business myth worship, on the real business disappointment and let this become the interests and needs of the bursting of the market. Due to the combination of emerging industries, coupled with the local people are not familiar with the electricity supplier, a variety of hidden behind the benefits of light transport becomes more frequent. Hot rural electricity supplier, has just started in the beginning stage, began to change the taste.

circle of local government policy, funding, office space

the reason why the local government for rural electricity providers in droves, are two very important reasons. On the one hand is good policy, let the rural electricity supplier to become a glamorous local government performance. As early as last year, the state has introduced a number of policies to promote the development of rural electricity supplier has a strong influence. Since the country at the national level has issued a strong signal to the rural electricity supplier, the local government is bound to cooperate, so we see the rural electricity supplier has become one of the hottest topics since last year.

in this year, the policy is to allow the development of rural electricity supplier has accelerated signs. Promote e-commerce into the countryside, was directly written in the 2016 government work report. The disclosure of the next five years plans to implement 100 major projects and projects, referred to "the realization of village direct mail". The central issue of the first document, also issued a red envelope to the rural electricity supplier. In such a situation, the local government to the rural electricity supplier gave the green light.

on the other hand, the development of rural electricity supplier is visible, tangible benefits. State support for rural electricity providers can be more than just a policy, as well as huge subsidies. For example, in July 14th last year, the Ministry of finance, Ministry of Commerce released the list of 200 demonstration counties in 2015 into the electronic commerce comprehensive demonstration work in the rural areas, the central government plans to arrange 2 billion special funds for the support of their counterparts, the development of local rural electronic commerce.

and specific to the local government, in order to promote the development of electricity providers, in addition to providing infrastructure, the government will come up with astronomical subsidies. Circulated on the Internet, a local government issued electricity supplier project funding notice, it is very attractive, the maximum subsidy reached 1 million yuan.

local government measures to local conditions for the electronic business platform, the company is engaged in the electricity supplier, individuals and other policies, funds, office space, etc., laid a solid foundation for the development of rural electricity supplier. But let a person helpless, shortcut is such a huge outlet has become some of the electricity supplier "get rich". A lot of business with a shell, began to cheat subsidies. Earlier, the media exposure of the street network is a typical case. This site is not for the record, the domain name from to page mostly Taobao guest link, also went to the county town to declare the cooperation, actually get subsidies. Statistics of domain name

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