Taobao digital shop to teach you how to create a story brand promotion

Taobao digital shop to teach you how to create a story brand promotion

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Hello, I am the wind leaf Gu city. Today, we talk about how to create a digital class shop baby story brand promotion.

What is the brand of

, as the name suggests, the brand will be able to do word-of-mouth brand. Refers to the degree of consumer awareness of the product and product line. A star on the brand platform mechanism the biggest thanks to TV media, because the information platform for the dissemination of the platform is still the mainstream of society.

, however, with the popularity of the Internet, especially in the mature e-commerce market in recent years, a large number of enterprises have the transition into the Internet market, which makes the network media limelight gradually overshadowed the traditional media platform.

to Taobao, for example, had someone to say, seize the network, it is tantamount to seize the market, so the network achievements of the Taobao empire.

now, through the Taobao platform to open an enterprise directly under the mall flagship store is not a new thing, the speed of mass produce a second order volume, very intuitive description of the network era, shopping is no longer the line shopping so time-consuming. By the power of the network formed by the market value of the resources of the meat and potatoes, almost all of the companies are competing to grab the.

however, business data from the early release of the Taobao, Taobao mall has settled merchants nearly ten million, but still more than 1000 day speed is increasing daily, in a large environment under such pressure, the old and new sellers alternately, to share is not easy.

so, as a network of shops, especially the digital industry directly under the network shops, how to find creative inspiration to create attractions? Every day we found Taobao home page appear different story gimmick to make selling point, this suggested that eye effect is the inevitable product of network sale.

so, a product can achieve an industry, the same industry can also create a product story. The story will often meet too many people’s curiosity. Therefore, to do a good job of brand promotion must adhere to a point, the two basic principles.

first, the primary and secondary of the story; second. Relevance; the central theme is to optimize the function of the product itself, set off the social value of the product. (why, the product itself is actually the function and social effect of dull as ditch water, value, and word of mouth effect is wonderful stories that different approaches but equally satisfactory results) not lose the story of the soul, but also off the leather products not. The text is too long, became a perfunctory elegance. The text is too short, no direct effect of publicity.

is the digital industry, especially for digital products, many stories, can write the story is also very good, can write a story is not easy, (in addition to the story of the collection of material, also need the writers profound writing ability) read an article on the front, a digital brand wrote before the product has a film and television celebrity story, written in to say is a very powerful selling point, "

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