Taobao second jingfangxingju business integrity of the road of yellow light

Taobao second jingfangxingju business integrity of the road of yellow light

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recently Alibaba integrity enforcement action, the first batch of permanent closing = and enter the judicial process of the network from the list, the electricity supplier facing the integrity of the road Yeliang the yellow light, everyone should draw on this ring. For those who have jingfangxingju 2, we can only say that they don’t deserve to do business, because they violate one of the traditional virtues of honesty in business, with the interest earned against dishonesty, really unworthy of society, let alone to make contribution to the society, it is a social moth


may have just begun to be a bit confused about this thing, in the end is the owner of Taobao or who broke. The truth is that the network is the main Taobao, Taobao and the second bribery is the ultimate goal of a win-win situation. Taobao 2 worked for Taobao Department staff, every day they contact a network, a network marketing data dramatically soared scene, can not resist the temptation of money word estimation. Plus some merchants, want to take a shortcut, just a social bribery wind to diffuse into the network society, people can not help but a short distance crossing.

Taobao two jingfangxingju, but also to the electricity supplier business friends a revelation, don’t think that network is not legally binding, is without fear. Taobao also gave two jingfangxingju, in Taobao, Tmall and Ali’s colleagues are a revelation, don’t make fun of business integrity, do not take their prospects to destroy a good network environment. Ali is a business platform, Ma predecessors effort, do not use a rotten pot good soup. At the same time, Taobao two jingfangxingju, but also to other business platform and network shop business owners a revelation, justice has long arms, business or to take the right path, go to the illegal shortcuts don’t really want to use the best one step

!Electricity supplier

road yellow lights up, never mind, the key is to own when the green light to go, must comply with the network traffic rules! The only way to abide by the law, in the social network can run in both directions unblockedly. In fact, the integrity of business in our daily life can be seen, the key is you have no attention, some things you can do, some things are absolutely not to do business, credit, is off his back! Finally, we hope to Taobao two events, real concern, and then reflect on their own, don’t let yourself

going in the wrong direction!

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