Taobao University let me believe in myself

Taobao University let me believe in myself

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I do not have time, I really do not have time to get up at 6 every day, go to work at noon to rest for about 1 hours, to eat on the way home. Afternoon to pick up my daughter from school, home to 6 general points, after I go home the first thing is to open the computer to make landing Taobao business forum and then open my computer notebook look at today’s task, and then choose to carry out the most important, these days are the first to write the original article, then to do the "devil training camp" for 15 days, a day after questions should be in after 8. This time I went to eat after the meal to do other things, I even have a week without taking my daughter to go out to play, but when my daughter begged me to take her out to play, I would say: "Yuri Huang good, Dad busy these days with you go to the square". Really, really like to spend more time with my family, but I cannot, because I am a man, the man will for the future plan, to make their own family after the better, so I will fight. I often say to myself, "men have to be ruthless".

of their own, I long ago have this intention, working with others, never as what, three years ago I had a part-time business, from the earliest to open a food shop, then the sale of second-hand car, and then to now the online business. Not what the first business plan, others sell small food business is good only know that I’m going to learn to do, to do business in less than a month, a little, like a lot of ways are of no use, no price supply, there is no repeat, not selling skills. Do not store a month closed, then began to reflect on their own, why not, but no results. Later, there have been other business, but did not make money, I think they may not be doing business. But I did not want to give up, think of partner and others slowly learning experience, a friend of second-hand car business, profit is large, due to financial reasons, want to find a partner, I will try to mind, cast a little money, as well as the beginning of income, after more than two months, business it is not good, because in the off-season, the car will not sell, also funds pressure there is basically no money. Then think Wangzhuan, start looking for Wangzhuan in the online tutorial, since the beginning of what all don’t understand, or even think Wangzhuan are deceptive, but with slowly understanding, only to find, Wangzhuan is real, and the reality is true.

from the beginning of the investigation, voting, and later to help others point of advertising, registration of advertising, and finally to the website construction, advertising alliance, e-commerce, and even played black lottery. It should be said that many of my friends are coming this way, because no one, so I took many detours, after a friend introduced to the rich network, and how the devil did not talk, see the website is very formal, a good learning environment, to make the rich knowledge in the learning network at the time of the SEO network, also do not understand, in fact, do not know what is SEO, just to see the devil teacher said registered life member Wangzhuan send game data, after adding heart >

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