Fan Xinhong also talk about Social Travel and my entrepreneurial experience from the windmill

Fan Xinhong also talk about Social Travel and my entrepreneurial experience from the windmill

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a business as a tourist direction, windmill an on-line download and install the IOS application, for the to enter the tourism industry has been very concerned about, after all, as a grassroots entrepreneurs, large companies are likely to wind sways grass determines our life and death.

July 21st see windmill net CEO Chen Xiaofeng tech2IPO published a windmill net failure article, is pleasantly surprised, in addition to reading first heard "old Mrs Chen" this is engaged in call appeared several times in the original (I also have a lot of to listen to their colleagues, more consistent view is the boss is a businessman, not entrepreneurs, I haven’t heard them with this name).

The Department of internal entrepreneurship wall problem at great length about

in this paper, we can see Chen Xiaofeng as a development project in the airborne windmill internal resistance, twists and turns and helpless, although before the occupation experience for this problem is quite understand, but it is in the business on the road I was more interested in analysis the level of the windmill project itself of product planning, product design, and the ink is not much.

followed in July 22nd, everyone before the product manager Sun Qingxin almost hit the back of the article so that I can see from the product level of the other side of the windmill project failure. In this paper, and its views on social travel products and some of my views also prompted me to write agree without prior without previous consultation, this article expounds some ideas about entrepreneurship and development of domestic social travel products.

from Sun Qingxin can be seen in the article, the turning point of the failure of the project is to meet the demand from the windmill point to meet the needs of the chain, business or product from the point of starting from the chain and the problem, some people think that is because entrepreneurs are lack of funds and resources, so from the starting point, this is a misunderstanding.

An important reason for this is

some start-up companies get the funds but quickly defeated the whole chain, once the capital and rich resources will actually start from the point of intervention, both money and resources, it is not only the capital and resources, or to the Tencent so strong will not do the micro channel shake shake a basic function of a starting point, and then gradually increase, from the point of a fundamental reason is because the user’s learning curve.

there is a point in my opinion user demand is a multivariate function, after you gave the assignment to a variable, the variable assignment condition has changed, so you have no way to multiple variables, i.e. you can’t truly at the same time, insight into user multiple related demand.

We are about to launch the first

tour speech translation application that is aimed at the exchange of user travel abroad at this point, it is not to go abroad to study abroad, immigration, does not need the scene language, do not need the language, nor.

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