SaaS a new round of reshuffle will be the climax of e commerce detonated

SaaS a new round of reshuffle will be the climax of e commerce detonated

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recently, according to the famous software company eabax insiders broke the news, said the Department’s recent performance is not ideal, even last year for a period of time wages, airborne CEO Zhang Houqi also was an internal power struggle, soon after class. The internal force and jittery, many people flocked to the industry leader in the wecoo network.

a new round of reshuffle soon, SAAS chaotic pattern

from eabax recent problems can see, SAAS industry will face a new round of reshuffle, the lack of financial strength and technological strength of small and medium-sized SAAS manufacturers will not develop the market test, have surrendered. Survival of the fittest in natural selection, survival of the fittest. Left at the end, is the real practicing good internal strength, market-oriented, customer-centric business.

10 years of the development of e-commerce in Chinese enterprises can be divided into three main stages, the first stage is the "electronic marketing", the third stage is "electronic commerce", the third stage is "the whole e-commerce"


can be seen, the entire e-commerce is an inevitable trend in the development of electronic commerce, after the industry reshuffle, believe that the SAAS industry will enter the era of rapid development of electronic commerce, and will accelerate the development of. Wecoo network is aimed at the entire e-commerce era gold, UF mobile strategy integration. SaaS+ mobile business street, combined with cloud computing, 3G technology, supporting wecoo e-commerce company to the electronic commerce broad road.

Dou but young brother, Zhang Houqi was elevated

and the gold business in recent years, the slow development, difficult to break through their base, in the new SaaS mode has been in a state of chaos, resulting in the company from top to bottom completely lost out, and impetuous company is unable to fulfill the sacred mission entrusted by the electronic commerce.

industry insiders revealed, eabax big boss Yang Chun was just a little later to the UF software agents! 30 thousand registered capital of the company, the company is run by Yang Chun, his brother Yang Handong and other relatives control. Last year, former vice president of Lenovo Group Zhang Houqi in the calculations, the outside world has been wondering "gasoft such a small temple, for the next Kai this big Buddha?"

informed staff revealed abacus internal complex personnel struggle: the original, Yang Chun has been on Zhang Houqi to be suspicious, please to just in order to expand high-level relations and brand image. Can I also not fuel-efficient lights, after taking office to the business department dispatched supervision, in this line of business intent depth, can not really grasp the real power of the Yang brothers let angry, not only the old employees secretly resist, Zhang Houqi’s power was gradually weakened, but the basic airborne bucket enterprise real controller – founder of the family.

"Zhang Houqi clay Buddha across the river itself, which also got our employees?" "

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