Tmall Medical Library April transcripts store sales fell

Tmall Medical Library April transcripts store sales fell

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news June 15th, before the information released the "April Tmall Medical Museum TOP30 business sales and increase". Data show that in April, Tmall medical in 30 flagship stores, sales of more than 10 million yuan of 8. The Kang’ai to 54 million 746 thousand and 200 yuan sales rank champion.

It is reported that

, the sales ranking of the top five were: Kang’ai, Bai Xiu, drunk breeze, one pharmacy and seven Lok Kang, the increase was 1.07%, -2.93%, -10.86%, -9.13%, -9.71%.

a very obvious phenomenon is that the vast majority of stores have sales decline. Data show that a small decline in the business top 30 sales increase overall, and the decline of more than 20% of the health network, Jiading, people, deshengtang, DASHENLIN, NUS, angsheng, Jin kang. Among them, deshengtang ranked 17 or 38.18%, have fallen the most.

analysis pointed out that in April the reason why the chain fell significantly, one reason is that after the end of the promotional activities in March brought about sales decline.


in the sales chain growth fell a case of urban large pharmacy, Shanxi Tongrentang, then there are more than 10% Kang Xiansheng increase, an increase of 17.23%, 10.39% and 26.26%.

billion state power network to understand, specific to the sub categories, medicines, medical devices in the OTC directory, and one more advantage of Kang’ai pharmacy and health network significantly; in family planning activities in the directory, drunk breeze first; in contact lens care solution / directory, 100 show to occupy the first place.

sales rose from the pharmaceutical category, OTC drugs and contact lens care solution / two categories of sales increase, respectively 48.67% and 52.11%.

, according to observation, ranked second of the hundred show flagship contact lenses / care products, ranked third of the main sales of the main product of the wind.

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