Network network appeared China Wine meeting to share Ecological Marketing Strategy under the big P

Network network appeared China Wine meeting to share Ecological Marketing Strategy under the big P

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January 7th -8, the theme of cross-border · fusion · interoperability, the 2017 China wine conference held in Beijing, Badaling International Convention and Exhibition center. From France, Bordeaux, Chile, Saint Emilion and other world-renowned producing products that represent the coming out of the venue, COFCO Zhuang Hui, Moutai, network network, brewmaster network and many other well-known wine enterprises in attendance. Mr. Ren Jian, vice president of network wine network LETV wine channel editor Ms. Zhao Jiping was invited to attend, to discuss with the scene of industry communication and innovation culture in the China Wine.

Chinese Wine Wine industry conference as the largest and most influential annual festival has been successfully held three sessions, invited each year from the global industry well-known Wine areas, experts, government officials, and the media to participate in wine. It is reported that the Chinese Wine Congress set up a total of 1 main forum, 6 sub forum, 12 field tasting, aims to create the economic, market and industry chain of high-level dialogue platform for China Wine industry, leading industry benchmark.


dialogue session held in 7, served as vice president of network health wine as dialogue guests, LETV wine channel editor Ji Ping Zhao as the host to attend the scene, with the French Bordeaux Wine Association President Philippe Dejean, Mr. Beijing international winemaker master art museum founding partner Mr. Ning Xiaogang et al., "communication and innovation" Wine culture in the Chinese were discussed thoroughly.

network network hit this year’s own quality brand exposure, Naynay Wine rose eco-beer Groot Gloryt as an example, Mr. Ren Jian to the scene of the guests introduced network network industry to the world’s top Mingzhuang manufacturers, with IP as the engine of their own product brand, brand ecological empowerment experience marketing.

this year, net wine network and Chile concha group in CP2C mode to create a joint fire rose Naynay Series in the television drama, variety, star IP’s blessing, quickly started the market visibility. From a "sword" exclusive wine products brand, to access the network variety talk "," grandma said back at the golf reality show "greens competition", and then to launch the "Tomb notes" ecological custom products, rose has leapt to the screen, become a hot single product of the network network’s worthy of the name.

Grote in marketing have music as sports IP’s blessing, to the power of transboundary ecological win on the starting line. The super debut studio, create a super brand exposure; booster fans group, search of football EMBA Football League, muddy run national sports events, in-depth first-line consumer market; megamerger music as sports Jingdong, global lineup consisting of Grote Mall for five consecutive days in the Jingdong, beer sales crown, the business sector open beta the first mode……

Ren Jian said, in the future to create products and marketing, IP will continue to serve as the network network to build a brand engine, this year more extensive introduction of star IP, IP> player

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