Proposal solicitation webmaster network development and direction of the proposed planning

Proposal solicitation webmaster network development and direction of the proposed planning

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    in fact, I personally feel the direction of the development of the current webmaster network is correct! Because your target customer is the webmaster, for now, the king has done very successful. Or that sentence, I will not go to techweb, DoNews every day, but I will come to Admin5 every day. It’s simple. The information here is what’s happening around me!         of course, as the saying goes, a soldier who does not want to be a general is not a good soldier! Admin5 only have a place in the high-end market, the future will be able to go on a healthy long-term. I don’t have much time! Just say a few words ~~~        1, do not put their essence to lose.

      2, know how to make good use of the target group (this is really not good to say, get outdated, do stand, I do not know there is a station called the laggards). But someone introduces, I know, and I know it is not easy to fall behind, also know that there is a part of expert. So I will tell it to me, do not even do people). But also want to believe a word, as also Xiao He, Xiao He also lost. Depends on how you grasp.

      3, fry the method I do not know the boss you know a lot, although the method is old, but your idea must be new. Even if you let others know you are cooking, but you can not say anything?     please graph king, you earn so much money, you sponsored several children? Last year, I sponsored two, no money this year, only sponsored a. They are all in our village. Do you know! Is this small, the village people know. As long as you do in place, naturally someone to help you to publicity ~ ~ ~ why not make a webmaster webmaster network? By the way the media to help you fry. The money is not necessarily you pay me ah ~ ~ ~ ~ there are at least two or three webmaster want to help those who can’t afford to go to school!

      4, in addition to high-end market issues! Now your product is not high-end products, so you can not enter the high-end market! So you have to develop, in a way, you have to be in a certain place. For example, domain names, people are taking tens of thousands of meters! And your forum is holding 1 pieces of CN every day to engage in!

      5, looking for writers! Don’t limit your article to admin5. Don’t always come to copy from another station, copy! Admin5 like many writers, putting those newspapers and magazines? This is also complementary things. Hacker’s Handbook 05 years before the release, all his articles and not internal writers and. Almost all of the children around the age of 20 to engage in, they know, but he learned more, found very;

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