How to improve the sales promotion skills inside the Taobao store

How to improve the sales promotion skills inside the Taobao store

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The promotion of

for the Taobao store, there are many ways, that simple, hard to say, because some people also make hair advertising promotion becomes more and more difficult, in general, so many kinds of promotion methods, a kind of advertising is the most practical, but advertising is also divided into two kinds of paid and free, and for those of us who just opened Taobao store for paying this way is unrealistic, so we focus on this aspect of the free.

I do not say the long term, and we are too far away, we operate relatively deep, I would like to say that I can now use some simple, more suitable for us to use the promotion. My shop is to use these methods, every day to maintain the flow of 300PV; now introduce to you!

(1), SEO (search engine optimization)

simple, search engine optimization, is to modify and add some popular keyword to search engine when retrieving information retrieval first to your vocabulary, and then make your ranking more forward, get closer to the top of the baby show opportunity. Including a number of pictures and flash optimization, you can promote your store or baby ranking. I have done is to modify the title of the baby, I put some from the above Taobao search to the popular keywords to join their baby, of course if a relatively realistic point, otherwise Taobao closed shop do not know how it happened.

(2), advertising alliance advertising (Taobao, Ali mother)

for advertising, I have contact is not much, I only use the Taobao custom shop promotion, choose 30 items you want the promotion of Taobao customers, in accordance with their baby and they can bear the degree set the commission ratio, so that people can choose from here don’t want to help him you promote the products, products sold in accordance with the commission he can deduct a percentage proportion of others to do more power, you can also more income, it is like to Buffalo would give it the same grass.

(3), QQ group promotion

this is the moment we can use the most direct, the most quick only way, I personally think that the QQ group is a very direct marketing tool, in the QQ group, you can achieve your purpose through a variety of ways, I summed up the experience and own a chat about the students said, most there are people into the QQ group through a bully, poor equipment, etc. several flirt can gather topic and popularity, to achieve their desired promotion to shop. In the QQ group and the exchange of people when the full advantage of their own to the maximum extent. The mouth sweet, appropriate to be good, let everyone’s attention basically according to your way of thinking, saw their tone, the appropriate time began to whisper, I talk about a principle of QQ is so long that, chat can only persuade him to buy my girlfriend and man, or to ask him for help propaganda, and female chat will stimulate her consumption, lady.

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