The Tmall business can make money 5% fallacy

The Tmall business can make money 5% fallacy

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some time ago in the local network of thousands of people held the meeting, the author as one of the sponsors of the honored guests attended. In a lot of famous expert in the network up meeting here and share some ideas about their success. It also includes the A5 site Mr. Chen Guoqiang and everyone to share about three squirrels and a lot of congenital conditions of bad business to do the Internet is so successful.

in the course of the meeting, one of the local guests to share the main reason why they want to do their own websites, Tmall opened 24 stores, with annual sales of over 200 million yuan, but the profit is only 300-500 million, so in order not to be Ma and exploitation, decided to do their own official website, it is said that has received 10 million yuan venture.

for the guests to share the data of the author is skeptical, because the company had to do the training of the author, relatively speaking, or to understand their operating practices. Basically rely on playing activities to do sales, such as 5 yuan cup, $9.9 package. By taking the amount of basic is to achieve sales, which is why the warehouse area reached 15 thousand square meters, the proportion of inventory and the area is too large, and the gross profit is too small, so that even the train have to put profits.

I used to do business in the

promotion training content, often four stages with them to talk about electricity providers, the first stage is to play the bargains, take the amount, basically in the 2012 is more prevalent. Violence promotion, so once the inventory control is not good, die quickly. Even if it can be controlled, because the gross margin is low, do too tired. The second stage is to play the promotion, through train, drill exhibition play better, gross profit margin is relatively high, even if the payment can reach 30% promotion, still can achieve gross margin of 20%. I have done before beauty, women’s shops can do, but also in the second and third tier cities between the three to complete, talent and supply chain is not too strong. The third stage is the play of marketing, such as the 80 anniversary of the time 100, played a successful marketing, in all of the shop, on the choice of "drilling exhibition material beauty Huang Yongling 100 birds gazelle, the copy, the results of the 1 day sold 3 million 800 thousand yuan. The fourth stage is the capital operation, such as Han clothes homes, Yin man and other large businesses, has been in preparation for the listing, hoping to get more venture capital circle.

therefore, the reason why the guests did not have the ability to create more gross profit is still in the first stage, so it will be said to build their own official website, the flow of people to sell. In fact, this is a bit misleading to the audience.

later and a guest is to their own web site, a little achievement, said that after his analysis, or the relevant data analysis showed that only 5% of Tmall’s businesses can make money, 15%-20% are guaranteed, which means the loss is below 80%. The pursuit of profit is the nature of the business, although there was no

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