Taobao mobile phone mobile phone layout so that Taobao mobile phone sellers how to live

Taobao mobile phone mobile phone layout so that Taobao mobile phone sellers how to live

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" when Lenovo moved not long ago to $200 million price was Lenovo Group repurchase, who did not expect it to return after the first single business was actually customized for Taobao phones. Whether it is, or the association of these mobile phone manufacturers, they will see the future wireless Internet unlimited development potential — when the mobile phone is connected with the Internet, it is no longer the past of the mobile phone, and becomes the master of all terminals, businesses will also become a hotly contested spot. "

Taobao launched Taobao mobile phone, I hope more owners can sell things when walking.

"preemptive layout"

December 15th, Taobao announced that Lenovo Mobile, China Telecom and TCL will launch Taobao 3G customized mobile phone. The publisher of the message is Lu Liang, general manager of Taobao wireless division.

8 months ago, when Lu Liang served as Taobao’s newly established wireless division general manager, a lot of people think he is taking a career joke.

we all know that this division is vice president Lu Peng advocated the establishment, and the boss Ma also made "in the field of mobile Internet layout of the first" instructions, but how many Taobao users are willing to do business in the mobile phone? You know, people still think online shopping commodity display is not sufficient in the computer, not to mention the small screen mobile phone.


each people have their own name, Lu Liang was called "Ma Yu Jin Yong", from the "Legend of the Condor Heroes". In the novel, Ma Yu abandoned the family business, to Chongyang monarch monk, was eventually Chongyang in secret, Tuo Yihong taught in taoism. Abandoned in other parts of Taobao’s stable work took over the wireless division, Lu Liang undoubtedly made a Ma Yu type choice.


was determined, he made a market survey, found that China more than 700 million mobile phone, number more than 600 million, the next 2-3 years, 2-3 million people will use mobile phone Internet, which let the electronic commerce make money in wireless is not far away. Some users of Taobao have demonstrated the urgent need for mobile Internet applications. Especially Taobao many online every day only opened a few single business but must closely computer personal sellers, Taobao proposed to develop mobile client.

Taobao began planning wireless business in the past year, but by the end of last year after the completion of the reorganization of the three operators, Taobao began to build wireless division. At that time, Alibaba group held a conference on the development of wireless business, Ma Named Taobao to increase investment in the field of mobile internet.

this directly contributed to the establishment of Taobao wireless division, the division is very high standard, with Taobao mall level. Taobao this is also generous investment. As long as Lu Liang proposed demand, Lu Peng will try to meet. Lu Liang request is, don’t give him what frame, let him play.

Division established second months, that is, in May this year, Taobao officially launched the mobile phone project.

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