Micro business how to select new products Part one

Micro business how to select new products Part one

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most people have heard of micro business is very fire, want to do micro business, but do not know what to sell well, or is not an acquaintance with, or is not a stable supply can not get a good price, I do not know where to start. Here is what I had to do when the old micro business selection process, for your reference!

I have seen

in front of the people, we should all know that I have been a sales in Taobao, mainly selling leggings, sports underwear products, in June and July of last year, business is relatively light, just walk around, see a friend who sells a Bobo Miss underwear, through the micro channel business for a month take the goods about four hundred thousand, and they have 3 people, this scared me. You know, do 400 thousand of the sales in Taobao, then in accordance with our products at least 5-6 individuals, was busy! When the first feeling is another wave of business opportunities to break out.

I did his agent that day, because they are friends, only a few sets of goods. I join with his teaching methods, starting from zero step by step into, a micro channel, from morning to night with a mobile phone, a dozen a day circle of friends. The first month down, with more than and 700 fans, selling only more than 4 thousand dollars of goods, was very disappointed. A look at it sure no, I went to see him, this time down the exchange, let me have a more profound understanding of the micro business, is really started, the next two months, I have been involved, and then made a circle of friends. Second months to sell the goods, the important thing is that I have not been so tired in the first month.

here is my own personal experience and learn, experience summed up, including the new film I later created space of this brand, help the agent to use method, will be gradually finishing behind it, a series of stages, sent to my QQ space, if you like I like the original, is being prepared in the micro business ranks, these experiences are very important to you.

personal micro business how to choose the product, sell what? The first step how to start, the following about old yuan my personal principle and thinking.


select the first principle of the product: the principle of proximity.

if you have relatives and friends around, there is a good supply of features, but also a price advantage, that is your chance. Since most of the traditional boss, do not know how to do electricity providers, micro business, then you can work with them, take their network agent. Then through WeChat, to merchants.

second principles: do not follow suit.

, for example, last year, micro business inside, cosmetics, facial mask to sell very fire, you have to sell mask. A brand is very fire, you also follow to sell that brand. In that case, you must not make much money. Because there are already a lot of people are selling, it will be very fierce competition, it is no longer a blue ocean. If you have to sell the mask, it would also like to choose a new brand, the price is not very transparent brand, so you do the first batch of people, there will be enough profit margins.

third principles: >

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