Suning comprehensive transformation of the nternet in June to push free open platform

Suning comprehensive transformation of the nternet in June to push free open platform

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The growth rate of consumption growth fell

cost offset, online shopping, retail enterprises under the dividing line of large area benefit, in the most difficult moments of the retail industry, Chinese largest retailer Suning transformation of the Internet began to try.

Su Ning, vice chairman Sun Weimin, executive vice president Li Bin in an interview with Sina Technology and a few other media interview stressed that Suning the company is facing a comprehensive transition to the Internet gateway, the company has decided to transition to the Internet, currently has completed the system adjustment of Internet Co.

"we started on the Internet retail choice is not mature, on 2009 Tesco on the line when the platform is very limited, just think we lack of online channels to do an online channel." Sun Weimin recalls, when we split the online and offline, resulting in a lot of problems, such as the two channels in the sale of the game, procurement, logistics platform can not share, etc.."

after 3 years of development, we are increasingly aware of the online and offline channels must be integrated, so only in February 21st the organization of the new framework for the adjustment of Su Ningxin in." Sun Weimin said.

June or push free open platform

at the time of adjustment, Suning will before the independent character of company back to headquarters system, into the operating headquarters of electronic commerce, and chain operating platform, the headquarters of the commodity business headquarters, the formation of three major business groups. The purchasing function is back to the original group commodity business headquarters, logistics functions were unified into the business management group, itself is only responsible for the business platform.

Sun Weimin explained that in the past as an independent company both after purchasing, sales, and logistics, adjustment, only focus on commodities, the operational level, as a platform or portal to operate. "This change is very large, even outside people say, did not, in fact just past the procurement and sales functions, and as a shopping portal will be more space."

in the business category, has started the "great leap forward", in addition to baby category, the acquisition of red children brought by department stores, cosmetics, daily necessities, books, music, video, digital applications, information, games, business services have been incorporated into the territory of tesco.

according to internal sources, in order to accelerate the expansion of the category, or announced free open platform in June.

prior to this, Suning open platform has been operating in the procurement model and the joint model. The former refers to businesses by direct delivery to Suning, Suning responsible for the sale of goods; the latter refers to the joint business with Suning, Suning to provide warehousing / distribution / invoice / settlement service, clearing the way to deduction.

According to the description of

, Suning will be a comprehensive transformation of the Internet retail, not just the integration of physical stores and virtual stores, but from the bottom of the enterprise

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