Suning com’s new goals the residual value of the China Newegg

Suning com’s new goals the residual value of the China Newegg

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in the M & a red child, holding about 20000000000 Yuan in cash of Su ningyun has been looking for a new target.

March 11th, Shenzhen electric electronic commerce company founder Gong Wenxiang in its individual from the media broke the news that China Newegg ( intends to begin large-scale layoffs, the company from Shanghai Jingan District office building have moved to Jiading, China downsizing by after the whole new acquisitions.

, deputy director of products operations center Min Juanqing responded: "the major acquisition of listed companies will notice, there is no news."

CEO Zhou Zhaowu China Newegg also said: "China Newegg and is completely different form, there is no possibility of being acquired, at present our operations and personnel have remained stable."

electricity supplier industry recruiters told reporters: "the fourth quarter of last year, a lot of new China management to find a headhunting company seeking job opportunities, which shows some trends China newegg."

and e-commerce observers Lu Zhenwang also revealed in October last year, micro-blog, Suning and Newegg offer to negotiate the acquisition, but there are some differences between the two sides did not reach ideas led to the current purchase agreement.

The decline of

Chinese Newegg

in 2012 through the A share placement and issuance of corporate bonds to cash jumped to about 20000000000 Yuan, Suning announced to seek diversified expansion through mergers and acquisitions and other means, then, all kinds of troubled vertical class electricity supplier sites have spread and Suning merger scandal. Last September $66 million to complete the red child after the merger, Martha Marceau, good music to buy even IPO difficult VANCL was once’s potential acquisition targets.

Chinese Newegg rumors naturally caused a lot of controversy in the industry, and this has with the Jingdong’s eponymous 3C electricity supplier’s fate also let people sigh.

public information, Taiwanese Fred Chang was established in 2001 in the United States of America Losangeles Newegg, will profit from the beginning, now become the 3C business leader, 2011 sales of $2 billion 500 million. What is more important is the United States entered the market China Newegg as early as 2001, the establishment of Taiwen Information Technology Co. Ltd., Shanghai new Agel Ecommerce Ltd, 2006, new Chinese monthly sales reached about 10000000 yuan.

as China B2C business veteran, Newegg China in recent years the pace of expansion slowed down significantly, especially when a few get round of venture investment Jingdong and commercial entities from the mall to the rapid expansion of the electricity supplier, with its business category of coincidence China Newegg was significantly behind.

a home appliance supplier electricity supplier marketing director, told this reporter, 2008 >

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