The CN domain name for 09 years the price acceleration of registration and renewal costs will be rec

The CN domain name for 09 years the price acceleration of registration and renewal costs will be rec

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see the webmaster Jern published an article "whether the 2009 CN domain name will greatly increase" articles suggest the CNNIC maintains 5 years registered 1 yuan fee. Think so also beg to differ, talk about some of their own ideas.

07 years starting around March a yuan after registration, registration CN domain name has been greatly improved, but also the other side of the CN domain name to the nature of the application, the use of a domain name itself is used to do the Internet address resolution, while the CN domain is more used for trading. Of course, the domain name transactions as a profitable business, I have no objection, but the main resources when a class of domain name in the market but not in the application market, I do not think that is a very good thing, "heat up, the domain name push is the original complex domain name can be so simple, but turn to see the name of registered domain names, there are several plays its own role and should have? Minon in this transaction, increasingly saturated market, can really make money a few? Most even registration fees are not sold back, even when the registration price is only 1 yuan.

along with the emergence of CN domain name of the endless garbage dump, which further reduces the value of CN itself.

09 years, if the price is not that CN domain name can only be held in the dumpster and a hotbed of rice farmers hand waste. Look at the use of the CN domain name now. Most (including a considerable part of a good domain name, short domain name) are doing parking, and even a considerable part of the analysis is not. Is this the original intention of CN? Engage in two years, the impact of the expansion of the CN domain name, so that we all know. To continue, CN domain will throttle. Registrations can improve a suffix influence? Real influence, is to have a large number of good site to prop up, if a large number of such as Tianya use the CN domain name station, CN domain name natural influence will be lifted to a certain height, just like com com, why not be recognized because many giants are mostly in the use of COM domain names, Internet users are opening pages most are hung.Com suffix.

a lot of meaning, character of CN domain name in the short and regular sleep, want to do the webmaster, looking for a suitable CN domain than when more difficult to find a COM domain, certainly more inclined to use COM, or even net.

CN in the future, not because of how much amount of registered prominent status, CNNIC meaning is not the one step, in 07 years they commercial chess sluggish CN market environment to go, and now should be the most they want users to have accumulated, the next step is to see these users can how many survived, even 1/10, next year income is still considerable.

if CNNIC doesn’t want to dig deeper into his grave, the only way is to raise prices. Of course, maybe CNNIC has been >

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