Small and medium sized e commerce road will encounter what problems

Small and medium sized e commerce road will encounter what problems

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Yesterday we went to the

network marketing outsourcing companies do business visit, Xiao total meeting is the first sentence: "Mr. LAN, we want to get the products directly online retail, Tmall mall heard good results, we want to do can do?". As e-commerce practitioners, we have been exploring to help small and medium enterprises to do e-commerce, from Xiao total questioning we can realize three points, 1, the company for e-commerce to promote product sales demand is very urgent. 2, see the prospects for the development of online shopping, want to use the existing production advantages to enter the online retail. 3, the lack of knowledge of the construction and operation of E-commerce mall, do not know how to operate. These three points can reflect the current situation of the development of e-commerce in Dongguan SMEs eager to enter, do not know how to operate.

an afternoon of communication we learned that at present the total foreign enterprises in the face of OEM orders in the decline, the increase in domestic operating costs. If you do not find a new channel enterprises will be more and more pressure. In recent years, the rapid development of e-commerce is the most easy to think of new channels, but how to do a good job, the person in charge of the enterprise is a face of confusion.

e-commerce promising future, the reality is very cruel

in the Internet world, there is no single, as long as you can imagine the products can be found online. We do not know where to start in the face, we can start from the study of competitors. We recommend Xiao total, turn on the computer directly on the Taobao search related products, look at what is going to do peer. When we go to Taobao search children’s bag " when you see thousands of sellers information appears, Xiao Zong lamented that there are so many people began to do. In the sales situation, we found a company’s 55 yuan a bag, a month sales of nearly 5000, with a total sales of up to 130 thousand, the sales are amazing! Xiao Zong excited. Calm down, we go to look at the company’s product introduction, very professional, very detailed, look at the introduction do not go to the shopping guide can understand all of the bag, and the price is very high. Xiao Zong seriously look at this product, if they press the production, the cost will be close to 45 yuan, I said there is no courier costs. The transparency of the Internet price is stronger than the traditional channels, we must make e-commerce into their products in the price advantage, otherwise it is easy to be easy to fight other businesses.

compared to the hot peers, what we lack?

we do not talk about Taobao and Tmall operating methods, there is now a total of 130 thousand of the sales of a single product, if we put their products put up, we use what the advantages and others. How to highlight the advantages of the product are introduced? Online sales of products to use graphic, how to make our products more vivid film appearance, product introduction? If we sold it, whether we have enough manpower to handle the delivery, return and coordination. These problems are the lack of internal configuration of the current OEM order form of smes.


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