Talk about the electricity supplier platform at the poor physical refining operation is the kingly w

Talk about the electricity supplier platform at the poor physical refining operation is the kingly w

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in the current prospects of the rapid development of electricity providers, we have to see the shadow of its development. The best example is the famous Taobao " last year; the shroud door event, Taobao " " shroud gate " spread events impact on the business platform groups raise a Babel of criticism of, can not be underestimated. Bad for electronic business platform is a can not bear the pain, but in the face of the poor, as a business platform to find effective measures to win customers favor again, how to make " " and " shroud door; stool door " events never reappear? Says this year is the refinement of business enterprise operation for a year, but the range is quite wide, so I would like to comment on the difference as the breakthrough point, through the electronic business platform for cloud refinement operation.

effective treatment of poor

electronic business platform to treat the user’s poor evaluation, timely contact with the user and deal with poor. There have been poor treatment of the seller should know, in the first time and customer communication is the most effective way to solve the problem. The longer the delay, the more serious the customer to the business will be more difficult to solve the problem. So, to remind the electronic business platform to the user’s experience at all times and the starting point, after all, the source of electricity supplier platform is determined by the user.

visited several Taobao sellers, I summed up a very effective way: the establishment of a customer service department, specifically for the user experience to do service. For example, brush trading review, once the buyer has been found in the comments, it immediately made a review, and record it. After the record will be handed over to the corresponding after-sales service department, so that they contact the buyer to communicate. Don’t think this approach is complicated and a waste of time, to know that the only way is the best way to deal with negative feedback, in order to allow customers to pay attention to their keenly aware of the seller.

use skill and customer communication

before communicating with customers, the first thing to consider is the time problem. The seller should stand in the buyer’s point of view, according to the buyer’s harvest address judgment buyers from the industry and occupation, time judgment contact customer will cause the customer inconvenience, so as to avoid being scolded by phone or customers.

communication with customers is very skilful, buyers want to modify the poor must login Taobao, if you want online basically to ensure that buyers in the computer desk, which means that users have a great opportunity to change. But if the customer is not on the line, even after the sale of the phone to get through the staff, the customer also promised to modify the poor, but it is easy to forget. In addition, frequent phone calls to customers, will also cause their resentment.

customer service needs to have a certain ability to judge, to improve efficiency, in the first communication with the customer will be to determine the feasibility of the matter, so as to be able to set aside more time >

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