There is no need to conduct two marketing as a corporate website

There is no need to conduct two marketing as a corporate website

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I read an article about the two marketing, think about the very reasonable but mainly used are talking about the shop and some large B2C platform, which makes me think about the enterprise website management and marketing mode should not need to change? In fact, it is worth a lot webmaster friends and engaged in electronic business people thinking.

what is the two marketing

The name

is two times that for a long time engaged in marketing and e-commerce work we have to understand, is called business customers, is actually on the same customer in different locations in different periods and different needs of management. The two marketing from the marketing orientation is a kind of consumer (demand) oriented strategy, and the current Hangzhou and even China’s real estate industry marketing orientation is basically a competitor oriented strategy.

two marketing advantages

two marketing theory in theory, "the two marketing" / "business customers" will not be short-term, local product surplus, or product supply structural imbalance. As a profitable enterprise to the development and expansion of the customer base has become the core of the two marketing to maximize the retention of the old customers, reducing the cost of marketing, in line with the interests of enterprise development needs.

enterprise e-commerce for the realization of the two marketing

An important condition for the implementation of the

two marketing is to require companies to have a strong CRM management system or management ability, which is to realize the enterprise website puts high demands to enterprise management system has a very strong and excellent management team, but two times from marketing to a certain extent to ensure the efficiency of enterprises and the realization of the customer base, but also reflects the great advantages of electronic commerce.

analysis from the above aspects, at present, many enterprises have chosen this simple and quick method of electronic commerce marketing, marketing two times to achieve more is to improve the maximum sales performance and reduce the cost, I personally think that this is a very good marketing mode, in line with the enterprise and the development of electronic commerce the demand. The above is only on behalf of ( the views of small webmaster, for your reference, like please reprint

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