Through the data take a look at the global electricity supplier in 2015 three trends

Through the data take a look at the global electricity supplier in 2015 three trends

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at the beginning of 2015, let us look at the world’s electricity supplier market trends through several sets of data SimilarWeb


1, the development of the electricity supplier giant will make small businesses benefit from the platform

e-commerce market is experiencing an unprecedented boom, largely due to several major electricity supplier giants behind the drive.

in the picture, we can see Flipkart (India’s largest electricity supplier), Amazon Seller Central, Shopify and AliExpress (Alibaba’s global fast selling through) traffic are on the rise.


e-commerce market can have today’s development, thanks to these platforms to provide users with a cheaper price, simple and diverse delivery methods, and through the marketing strategy to reach users. Above can also be seen: in 2015, the electricity supplier market will also be on the rise, there is no sign of slowing down. In fact, Flipkart and AliExpress two in the end of 2014 there is an accelerated development.

Of course, the

four platform in the sale of goods are not directly comparable, Shopify to help sellers to create their own website, and Amazon, Flipkart and AliExpress play the role of a let businesses compete with each other in the above platform. However, one thing is obvious: small businesses on the platform because of the profits of these electricity supplier giant driver has been growing.

2, the U.S. electricity supplier giant will lose control of the global online retail industry

can be seen from the following figure, ranked 4-10 retail brand is not the United States local enterprises, and the development of more rapid. In fact, the top ten brands, the only one in the search traffic appears to decline is actually the first eBay.


therefore, in 2015 for eBay, Amazon and Walmart is a challenging year, the global market competition is not easy.

3, social electricity supplier

social electricity providers believe that we are not strangers: This product is based on the user’s own content to share, to guide the user to buy or consume behavior patterns, so that e-commerce has become more humane. We can look at the number of clicks from the user.

below is the first few major electricity supplier platform in the past two years through the socialization of recommended traffic growth contrast. Their growth rate is generally higher than the growth rate of site traffic. This also reflects: electricity supplier website for social marketing more and more attention.

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